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Prospecting for LSes/FCs

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I'm kinda looking into FCs (or just linkshells...) that would be designed around all the steampunk/techie stuff: it can be engineering, industrial, steampunk, airship, magitek, Garlond, etc. All those things. I have a character that is a tinkering maniac and that's basically the kind of hook and everyday thing I'm looking for. That is not to say that I'm closed to everything else, quite the contrary, but I feel I'm lacking development on that side because... Well, it's not easy to find, weirdly enough.


I'm not promising you that I'm immediately going to join or anything if I get answers of course, but I am prospecting a bit more seriously!


If I missed something in the Linkshell Hall, or somewhere else, I'll be glad to have overlooked it!


Thanks in advance!

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