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[News] Xaela Found Dead in Thanalan!

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[align=center]Xaela Found Dead in Thanalan![/align]



[align=center]In the early morning hours, before the desert sun had shown past the horizon, it was discovered by a caravan of traders on approach to Ul'dah that two Xaelan males were brutally murdered and left to rot in the open heat, for all the crows to feast. Inspector Zaberelli responded immediately to the scene, followed by several members of the Brass Blades, in hopes of ascertaining both evidence of whom commited this atrocity, and a potential motive for this heinous crime, which as yet has no suspects.[/align]


[align=center]Whomever is responsible, it was immediately made apparent that the two men, identified as brothers Lorthran and Timins of the Iriq tribe, had been put to death prior to being strung about the neck and left to swing freely beneath a long dead tree. Multiple lacerations marred the bodies, indicating a fierce struggle of blades ensued. Most notable was the seemingly deliberate removal of the Xaela's horns from their heads.[/align]


[align=center]The inspector was loathe to speculate in regards to the matter, and would not give a formal statement, but he urges all of the Auri refugees and citizens alike to take precautions as they go about their daily lives. [/align]


Story: Royle Harper

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Koro collects the issue upon noticing the words "Xaela" and "Dead" inscribed on the paper. She squint her eyes, struggling to read but eventually grasps the meaning of this grim news.



"No matter how great or advanced this society gets, there will still be predators stalking in the night. Hidden among kin. I suppose some things never change."



She rest the newspaper back where it was found and leaves the town for a comfortable rock to sleep upon. The double-faced jungle that was known as Ul'dah was ever deceiving in it's fake sense of safety and civilization, but the ruthless wilds never lied about their dangers.

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Gingerly, Miiynmekh boosted herself up onto a stool at the bar, swinging her feet haphazardly to and fro.  Maybe dancing shoes and knife-based acrobatics didn't mix too well, especially not in the shifting sands of Cutter's Cry.

You idiot; you're lucky you didn't break anything. That's just what you'd need...to be injured in Ul'dah, what with all the Lalafell around.  Maybe those ballet shoes from...


"What'll ye have, love?" a server asked, jarring the Au Ra from her thoughts.  "Something to drink, mayhaps?"


Miiyn nodded curtly to the man.  Yes, the ballet shoes would probably be a better bet.  They would match AND fit current Eorzean fashion. They were in that fancy boutique, after all.


"Err...Miss? I'm not really sure what to...do you want to see our beverage menu?  Yes, maybe our beverage menu would be a good idea.  If you could just point to...AH, lemonade, yes, I see."


Irritated, Miiyn shifted her focus to a newspaper someone had left at the bar.  Though her literacy had improved significantly in the previous moons, the fancy prose proved mostly impervious with her limited vocabulary.  However, she could make out some of the article.  Xaela. Dead. Thanalan. Brass Blades. The server set a glass of sugared water with lemon down.  Confused, she took a sip.  Why would the Brass Blades kill Au Ra?  Maybe the monk lady can explain it to me later.  Or...or maybe I can just skip visiting the monk and instead just avoid the Brass Blades.  Yes, that would probably be better.

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Amid the hustle and bustle of the streets, a hooded figure stood in place, notice clutched in his armored hand. Even as others bumped and shouldered the midlander, he remained relatively stoic in his stance, as blue eyes scanned over the text again and again. Fingers clenched the parchment harder, before he would drop it to the ground and stare across the crowds.

Had nothing changed? In the time that he had been gone, Ul'dah was no better off than he had left it. If anything it seemed worse..plagued now when more refugees, an influx of Au Ra sell swords, and the stench of ill intentions. His lips drew to a thin line as he contemplated his place in it all. The never ending struggle to try to do what little good he was able, against a torrent crime and law breakers.

He saw none of his former companions since his return, in fact he would go as far as to say the presence of those who hungered for justice seemed to have nearly vanished entirely. Gone was the hunger for law, and in it's place a veritable feast evil doers. He was glad he had brought his appetite.

As his inner monologue kept playing, the young man realized he couldn't simple stand in the center of the street forever. No, he had work to do. Alleys to canvas, patrols to begin, and new allies to obtain. Perhaps he'd start with these Xaela, perhaps new blood was exactly what an old city needed. With a renewed smile, he would stake his first step forward in this new quest.....until the crinkling sound of that paper he'd dropped sounded from the weight of his boot.

A blue eye twitched, as he glanced down and nearly trembled.

"Litter.......what have I become...?"

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The city street was annoyingly busy, as usual in Ul'dah. It was intriguing for Shu'ran how everyone kept ignoring a very visible headline about dead people found in the desert. She read the article as quickly as she was able to, which took her a good minute, nearly two. Then she read it again. For a short while, she was leaning with her back against the wall, thinking about the case.


"Amalj'aa don't hang people on trees. They kidnap them and temper, so they serve their lord. I don't recall any creatures that would do that either." She rolled her eyes over her own thoughts. "To think that they waste their time and energy to kill others, rather than focus on their own survival."


For a moment she was thinking about contacting that instructor and offering assistance, but... Who would actually admit that he needs help from someone like her. And it's not like it's her business either. She hid the newspaper in her bag and continued her journey through the river of people, heading towards the Gate of Thal.

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