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Groups for RPing Dungeons

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I made a thread here http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=16260 about getting groups together to do dungeons/trials IC and I thought I'd make a thread just to organise that sort of stuff.


Basically, if there's a dungeon you would like to RP post it here and I'll put it in the first post so other people can see it. If you have an IC reason for doing the dungeon (other than the usual main plot reason) then post that as well. Finally if you specifically want to do it synced or unsynced then say which. If you're interested in RPing any of the dungeons I've listed then post and I'll add your chars name to it. Then once you get a full group you can sort out times.


Oh and let me know once it's done so I can take it off the list. Thanks.


To start.


I have an archer char who needs to do Sastasha. I'm fine with the main plot reason for going as it's too early in the plot for it to be a special WoL thing and checking the caves for pirate presence seems pretty open to anyone. I don't mind synced or unsynced, but would prefer chars around the usual level.




Adrastiae Janvier

Kokoli Koli

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