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Beach Party Event, Golden Apple (Every Thursday @ 6pm)

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[align=center]Golden Apple


Sea Spray Social

Beach Party and BBQ Social[/align]



   Do you like to chill along the stunningly beautiful shores of Mist with an appletini or apple colada in your hand? Do you like the company of fun loving people and getting to make new connections? Do you like fun little games and prizes? How about the smell of food over an open grill? Then look no further and make no other plans!



The Golden Apple Beach Party is a event that focuses on bringing people together. We want to get to know you and help you get to know others. A chance to enjoy some time with friends old and new. There will be fun games to play including cocoboshoes. Aendis will be feeding the grill foods to fill your belly as well as mixing up only the finest of apple drinks. Arine will make sure you are happy and entertained. Trond the activities director will keep your blood pumping and bodies looking alive.


Open grill and bar. See Aendis for your refreshments.

Games and activities will be announced by Trond and directed to the sand to minimize dice spam in the open RP area.


Where: The amazingly wonderful beach of Mist in the ninth ward at the exclusive plot 19

When: Only on the best day of the week! Every Thursday and at the best hour of 6pm EDT and untill 9pm EDT.

Why: For fun of course!

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Many, many thanks to for hosting this tonight! It's amazing what kind of crowd an unlabeled bottle can draw.


You are very welcome and thank you so much for coming! It makes us very happy that you enjoyed yourself. I hope to see you at the next one!

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