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A wild Chicanery appeared!

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Wild Chicanery uses Flail!


...aaaand it knocked itself out.


Been awhile since I've played FFXIV.  Been resolving a potato for an internet issue, then got strung up with real life stuff. Finally in a place where I can return to the game and the RP community!


Rynathan of Balmung should be prowling around the docks of Limsa Lominsa any day now, as I review his character and previous scenarios and figure out how he's come along while I've been away. Really looking forward to getting through the MSQ, though getting back into the RP feels daunting.


It's good to be back! If you're fresh to the experience, looking to find a roleplay buddy, or just looking to grind through the MSQ to get to the goid stuff, so am I!

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Thank you Kiba, Nailah, and Scaith for the warm welcome.  Rynathan's hair is kinda sorta blue, depends on the weather really (sorry Scaith, point to Kiba). Given I have this insane notion of soloing the Deep Dungeon when it comes out...oh yes.  This game will be fun.  Yeeeessss.


Any advice on formatting wiki pages?  I have one set-up for Ryn but I was thinking of finding a format more along the lines of Nailah's, with more horizontal tabs than vertical scrolling.  Thing needs to be updated badly, so I might as well start at the roots.

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