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[RP-Hub] Vagrant's Rest - Open RP space!

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Vagrant’s Rest is a new RP Hub-offer, open for RP for everyone. It is located at Ward 12, plot 1 in the Mists. I decided to post the thread in here since the house can provide a neutral basis through which people seeking connections in here can meet at, should anyone be in the need of a location.


A mysterious benefactor (”M.B”) recently came upon an opportunity to do something good in the word: An abandoned house, doomed to fall into a state of disrepair until “M.B”’s intervention. With a boost of funds and a helping hand or two, the house is now opening up to those in need of shelter, be it temporary or longer term. 


The house operates with no staff, there are no locks on the door. The only wards against crime: The local patrolling guards in the mists, and trust among those who use the house. There are no rules, and no expectations. Anyone can come as they are. 


The house offers sleeping spaces, a spa, a small library, a study/planning area, a warm fireplace, cozy couches and a modest kitchen. 


This information will be readily available on the house’s placard, through word of mouth and through the odd poster on various noticeboards. 

In order to encourage use of the house, I’d like to highlight some hooks. I would love to see the house used by all sorts of people, and I’ll be frequenting it as well from time to time. 


Potential RP Hooks: 

* Vagrant, wanderer, homeless, poor, unfortunate, criminal soul needing a place to hide/rest/freshen up for any duration. 

* Helpful services/Volunteering: Cooking, delivering food/supplies, barber, healing/medical etc.

* Organisations and Wealthy IndividualsTM are more than welcome to use Vagrant’s Rest as a target for charitable fundraisers, donations and suchlike. 

* “Inconspicuous” criminal-to-criminal meetings.

* A place to meet new people. Pop in and see if anyone's there!


Feel free to plan events involving the house, as long as the event can tolerate random people walking in! You don’t have to ask for my permission, the hub is open for use in the most broad of senses. Just try not to burn it down icly, that’d be a bit of a bother. If you have any requests or suggestions for the decor, let me know.


You can see screenshots of the house here.

Got any questions? Toss me a tell/ask/pm! :) 


Furthermore, feel free to use this thread for advertising any on-going open RP that might be happening in the house now or soon, so people know stuff is happening. You can also use the thread to post about your characters going-on's in regards to the house.

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