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The Lunar Respite (Open RP Establishment)

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[align=center]Lunar Respite.jpg


[align=right][align=center]Signal boosting for a friend!


More details to come but a friend of mine (Mhaal'to Chelewae) has a medium in the Goblet they have opened up for others to utilize in RP. It's beautifully furnished with the downstairs being a reserved shrine to the goddess Menphina while the mid floor is more of a communal space. Up stairs contains a plethora of beds and a bath for characters to freshen up.[/align]



Stop by and check it out some time! Use it at your leisure![/align]

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Hmmm, I might have to come find this! I and Sunchaser are gettin wet from all the sudden rains we've been encountering... My poor chocobo... :: he smiled softly and gave Lili a deep bow, smiling :: thank you for showing this off, I really appreciate it!

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