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[23 June 2016] Cleaning - End of June

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Per this thread, the Linkshell Hall  will be cleaned of outdated posts on July 1st. Any and all Linkshell, Free Company, and/or Personal Listings that do not have a recent post from the last 60 days / 2 months will be archived.


If you have a thread that becomes archived, please notify a moderator/admin via the Feedback and Requests forum, post here, or report the thread for a un-archive and a moderator will handle it as soon as possible. Previous threads about cleaning will be closed. Do note that LS/FC entries may lose their special tabs (and the information in them) because the content is not always savable by archive.


Important: To prevent archival in the Linkshell Hall, a post from May 1st (or later) wil be required. Editing of the original post will not trigger an update to the last_post date, which is used to judge activity.


Thank you!

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Cleaning is completed.


Reminder! Editing the first post does not update your last_post field, which is what we use to judge "activity" on RPC.


As always, you can report the thread to bring it back, post here, request in the requests section, or PM a staff member to move it back! (But be sure to post so it doesn't happen again!)

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