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Hello everyone!  I'm fairly new here and been looking for a role play guild (Free company).  Its been a few years since I've rped.  I've been jumping from game to game ever since the one I played was shut down.  I was a rper for years on City of Heroes/Villains (Virtue ftw!)  And honestly A realm reborn is the first game in a long time I'm having fun in since my CoX days.   My main is a 20ish rogue named Celestria Lamery.  Apparently for the next phase of the main story I need to go through dungeons.  I got through one!  Anyways, thats me in a nutshell.  Thanks for taking the time to read this:D

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Welcome aboard the FFXIV crowd! There's a lot of great folks, really, and RP is absolutely everywhere... so long as you're on the right server, that is. Speaking of, what server are you on? There's something of a disparity of roleplay on some servers, and depending on if you want to transfer, folks on the forums might be able to hook you up with a Free Company on the server you're inhabiting.

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You spelled it correctly! Welcome to the RPC and Balmung! ^^


Everyone is pretty friendly and willing to help, so if there's anything you need, you just say it ;P


If you want to RP something or want some help in a dungeon don't hesitate to tell me! PM me here or /tell Arzilia Rausten in game! See you around! :D

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