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Hello Hydaelyn!

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Hello everyone!

So a long, long time ago, I played a character named Vaelyn Nykah. I also played several other characters, many which were all failed attempts, beyond Vaelyn, but-- due to life, issues, and just general RL drama, I faded away into nothing.


I tried to come back a few times, but life continued to bite at my heels. In some ways, while I want to return, I'm worried it still will as to roleplay on an MMORPG takes a great deal of time and 0 life interruptions-- which life interruptions are sadly common for me given I take care of a handicapped mother who refuses to not get into things she shouldn't (and if I don't step in she can hurt herself).


That said, here we are again.

I miss roleplaying with so many of you. I miss diving into a character, into their mind, and breathing them to life in this beautiful world. I miss the IC drama, the stories, and the sense of community. I was able to shove it off to the side as I played Gaius Van Baelsar over on a MUSH; But that came to a close when ooc drama of the MU* smacked me in the face, because I apparently was to good at my job (and some folks can't separate ooc from ic).


Long story short, I want to come back home (haha). I miss you guys and while I do have an ooc character lvling with some friends. I miss the roleplay adventures and hopefully, I can figure out away to be part of this community again, along with find away to express what I love in Hydaelyn without getting on someone's bad side.


We will see though!

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