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An Aetherial Homonculus

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I did say I signed up to get a more detailed backstory in. So I figured I' start by refining the concept I used the first time around. This is also partially tied to that Primal Warrior of Light theory that is going around, if only because they and the Elementals are the only examples of aetherial beings.



(As I never played XI, only read about it, any resemblance to certain threads regarding THAT games races or Rhapsodies are likely coincidental)



The concept is basically a Homunculus, an artificial lifeform. Created from Aether.



Where I'm going with this is that the being (Aurora in this case) has no memories (she was just born an as such exaggerates the Ambiguous age aspect of Lalafells, being thought of by herself and other as being older), an that after a certain line at Azys Lla becomes worried about who she really is. (This being a factor into her foray into the Coils, Alexander, and the Triad quests. As well making her fear the Warriors of Darkness)



On the one hand, this either puts a literal spin on Hydaelyn referring to her as a daughter. (The Third Umbral Era ensured the only known practitioners of any fields could include Homunculi creation, such as Chimeric and bioweapon research, were extinct), which veers towards "Mary Sue" a little bit, or implies that she herself was created during Allag's time, but lied dormant within Dalamud or the Carteneau Flats and only awakened when the lesser moon fell, which might be a bit of a strech. Then again, I'm also pegging her as a Historian interested with Allag and maybe more involved with NORA even after the CT quests, and it does mean that I can keep within the original timeframe of her "birth" without retaining the other suish (an Legacy-player insulting) aspects of the original backstory.



What do you think. Is an Aetherial being in Mortal flesh possible? And would being Allagan-created be more believable than having Hydaelyn herself create her?


NVM, I just realize how being aetherial anything reeks of Special Snowflakes. I;m scrapping the origin for now

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I was going to post to help you if you wanted to make an artificial being but you retracted on the idea before I could post :( I was going to say if you wanted to do that idea, you may just want to eliminate the being aetherial part and focus first on how your character works. For instance...


I play a 'Doll' made of flesh but has some key traits that show her artificial side.

1. She has no body heat below the head nor does she feel without seeing.

2. She has half her emotions so at times she is unable to feel anger.

3. She is hollow say for key locations and her head containing her brain (a modified sprite core) and that's it.


Because of this her supposed aether levels is nearly non-existent. Sat for her head and the system that keeps her working.


From one artificial rper to another...


DO NOT: focus on too much aether. Because the character is fake or made, it should either only have enough to power it's motions like a golem or use a power supply like ceruleum.


DO NOT: start the character off as someone who has lived FAR beyond an era where that race may not of existed in more (it's around the fifth era where magic was founded after an ice age if I remember correctly) than one ways


And to prevent Mary Sue, DO: put limits in place.

Perhaps the creation cannot eat solid food or they are devoid of love and affection. As mine has a few limits like she cannot taste unless aether is involved or splashing some Ether on it works. And she can eventally kill herself if she overused her weapons. Worst she suffered was cracked horns which she can feel that pain.


I hope this helps and you are free to look at her wiki if you want.

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I hope this helps and you are free to look at her wiki if you want.


Thank you. I will consider if in the unlikely event that I make a new charterer, but all this does is ensure the concept of a artificial being as is would clash with everything else about her that I do know. I'm considering a more mundane origin now

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