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Returning player - RP curious


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Hi everybody!:chocobo:


Just like the title says, I'm a returning player, who stopped after a good month of Heavensward. Now that a few patches have been released I wanted to take another look at the game!


I really enjoyed playing it back then, but eventually my Free Company kind of burned out on the game and lost interest, so everyone just... stopped playing. It was a lot of fun while it lasted though! Since I started playing the reboot of FFXIV back when it came out, I have always been interested in RPing, but in the end never found any people to RP with.


So... I wanted to change that this time and find some people beforehand! ^.^

It has to be said, that I never RPed in a MMO before, but I'm not completely unexperienced either. I often RP with people via texts, but since that is a whole different story from an actual avatar moving around and interacting, I'm a little intimidated by this new unknown form of RPing.


Thus I came here to ask some questions! :moogle:

How do I start out? How do RPs ingame work? And how do I find people to RP with?


I already heard that Balmung is the go to server for RPing, so I'm thinking of transfering my character over from Phoenix in the hope that at least the location won't be that much of a problem anymore!


I hope you guys can help me out, so that I can begin this journey prepared and ready!

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There is a very in-depth guide right here, which I recommend giving a read through - possibly with a cup of tea or something as it is quite long. 

I can't give you many tips on how to go from one form of roleplaying to another, as I myself started out, at least in a more serious manner, in mmorpgs. One thing I have heard others say when they talk about going from say forum rp to mmorpg-rp is that the latter is a lot more fast paced and that can take some time getting used to. 


However I can say that Balmung is a server teeming with roleplayers, there's many of us here and a plethora of guilds that are based around it. 


I would recommend trying to find a good guild which is welcoming of newcomers, I find at least that once you have established some contacts oocly it gets a bit easier to break into the rp so to speak. That, and some guilds also do have various ways of mentoring newcomers. If you click on "Linkshells" in the top you get to the page with quite a few guild listings. You can also try to find people through this Directory of Contacts for New Players.


Otherwise I would also suggest that you, if you haven't already, start thinking about a possible background for your character - if you know roughly what theme you're aiming for, and what sort of things you'd possibly like to see happen in RP, it'll make finding people/a guild/etc a lot easier. Having some things in common with other characters does wonders for future conversations and plots. 


Good luck with it all! :)

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Thank you two for your responses!


I read through the guide and it was rather insightful! As I suspected the MMO RPs seem to be much more reaction focused than the text form RPs I did so far. That is of course nothing I find bad or anything, but I think it'll take some time to get used to.


I'll concentrate on transfering my character first and then take a look around Balmung before I start to work on my story. I already planned that I would change my race again so I'll write a back story for him after that is all done. :moogle:


Again, thank you for the great links and I'm sure I'll be back soon! ^.^

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