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Experienced RPer looking to join the game!

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Hi all,


I'm really interested in joining up but I'm curious is there any EU RP presence at all? RP is a huge part of a game for me, so if there is no potential for it I won't bother.


I sadly can't do US times as I start early so won't be able to stay up late to interact with anyone that side of the pond.

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So I've downloaded the game and I'm around! I've created characters on Jenova and Sargatanas. If there are any EU RPers (or RPers in general to be honest!) on those realms give me a message here! Would be nice to see what's around as Balmung is rammed and I can't get in. (May be as I'm a trial at the moment xD)

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Balmung is locked because it has a lot of players on it. The only way to get in is through paid transfer and move multiple characters over in one payment.


To my knowledge those servers do not really have any roleplay presence. Outside of Balmung, roleplay is scarce towards non-existent as far as I'm aware.

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