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[5 July 2016] Free Company Hall released!

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Good [insert time of day here]!


As part of general forum features requested from the February 2016 RPC Survey, we've implemented a Free Company Hall to complement our Linkshell Hall forum.


Some internal testing has been done with the moderation team to ensure that filtering is working.


Posting a thread into the Free Company Hall will present a nearly identical style as a Linkshell Hall entry. Transfering entries between the FC Hall and LS Hall is supported (your tabs are supposed to be retained). The LS Hall option to specify whether the group is also a Free Company will not transfer, and has been replaced with an option to specify if the group also has a Linkshell.


To request a move to/from Linkshell Hall, please contact the staff, report the listing, or create a request thread.


Thanks for reading. :>

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A small note on dualistic Free Companies/Linkshells.


The checkbox to say your group is both is still there! You can choose either group listing you prefer or create a double listing if you like that too! (The original options was to explain further in the group).


The staff can also place a redirect from one to the other, but do note this will cause your LS/FC art to only show up in its home forum, and not on the redirect.

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