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Candlekeep Trading Company

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There are two means of spreading light into the world:  To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.



What is the Candlekeep Trading Company?

The Candlekeep Trading Company exists in duality.  


There are twin branches of service in the Company,the Daggers and the Scales.  The Scales,our bread and butter, are the craftsmen, merchants and gatherers of the Company.  It is they who keep our books in the black.  


Not to be eclipsed, however, are the Daggers.  These are the men and women who have taken it upon themselves to protect our goods, our endeavors and even the members of the Company themselves.


Our Role-Playing...

We are a company run by individuals experienced in RP (both table-top as well as MMO-based) and plan to run events both simple and broad.  

We may indulge in an ‘evening at the local pub’ one night and work toward getting one of our caravans of hardwood to Ul’dah the next day.  


We will have scheduled story arcs for members and non-members alike, personal story arcs for members, and Company arcs available.


What RP System do we Use?

The system we use for our RP is the FATE version many of you use here…although we actually started to use FATE Accelerated before we found it due to its ease.  We still find ourselves using FATE AC on many occasions.


Not to worry though, we have mind to accommodate any and all who would RP with us…even if you want to use another system of RP.

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