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The White Harp: A Gathering of Ballads (Sunday 31st of July at 7 PM EST)

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[align=center]The White Harp:[/align]

[align=center]A Gathering of Ballads[/align]



To the bards, the minstrels, the verse-makers and the performers of all Eorzea,



by the graciousness of the Astral Eden, the banner of the White Harp has arrived in the Twelvesewood, and with it comes a night of drink, music, games, and union. For far too long has the bond between brothers and sisters of poetry been absent. It is the night of a thousand ballads and a thousand more, the night of songs and splendour that the White Harp encapsulates, and strives to shepherd into the hearts of all Eorzeans.



The White Harp will appear for one night, and one night alone, every two weeks, in the cosy venue of The Bobbing Cork. To open the night, members of the Astral Eden will perform a play written by the Autumn Prince. Following this, there will be a Poetry Competition; the winner of which shall be claimed Herald of Song, and granted the opportunity to perform in the next play in a significant role. And finally, throughout the night there will be moderated games of Darts, and Cee-Lo taking place for all to enjoy.



The White Harp is open to all and t'is its highest hope to entertain, surprise, and delight you.





[align=center]OOC Notes[/align]



  1. This event is to take place on Sunday the 31st of July , at 7pm EST, at The Bobbing Cork in the North Shroud. 
  2. Any and all are welcome to attend, there will be properly conducted games, a play, IC services (such as waiters and waitresses), and plenty of opportunity to socialise! Note that there is no gil entry fee.
  3. We ask that you refrain from discussing in a spoilerific fashion, the story of both A Realm Reborn and Heavensward (IC and OOC) as the venue is located in a levelling zone. There may be players new to this game, advancing in the main quest line, wandering to and from the Cork, as the event proceeds.
  4. The chat box can become too much at events sometimes, so we understand if anyone wishes to roleplay in /Party chat or through /Tells. We encourage this for those of you who arrive as a pair or in groups! It helps keep the chaos at bay, BUT of course, this is a public RP environment where you are able to freely interact with others! 


[align=center]Poetry Competition[/align]



  • Each new competition will have a different theme than the last, and all who wish to enter must prepare at least one short poem of six rhymes or more.
  • Participants will be asked to form a line in order to register for the competition.
  • You will be called one by one to perform the poems in the first round, and these will be judged based on creativeness and effect, by the allocated judges.
  • Two winners will be announced after the first round.
  • The second and final round will be an improvisational rhyming challenge whereby the finalists are tasked with delivering a rhyme succeeding a sentence given to them by the Autumn Prince. 
  • He will also decide on the winner based on creativeness, speediness, and effect.






  • A simple, roll based game of darts!
  • 1v1 matches with 2 rounds.
  • Each player has three throws in a round. Players take turns. The player with the highest total roll (all three rolls added up) wins the round.
  • Note: A Bullseye is a 999 roll. Should a player get a Bullseye, they win the round, regardless of which throw they are on.
  • Any roll below 200 is a Miss.








  • This game involves gambling with actual gil. We hope that you enter in with no dishonest or deceitful intent, but more importantly, that you try to have fun!
  • This is a /random based gambling game.
  • A maximum of 6 people to a game (including the banker).
  • One person is assigned the role of the 'banker', and they must put up an initial stake not exceeding 500gil, and announce the amount (the initial stake will be provided for by appropriate persons moderating the game).
  • Starting with the player to the banker's left, and going clockwise, players have the chance to 'cover' an amount of the stake. This means that if the banker put up a stake of 100gil, and all 5 players decide to cover 20 gil each, then the entire bank is covered, and no more bets are placed for the round.
  • Players can otherwise place their bets for the round (players who elected to cover their bets forfeit this option, so the next player makes the choice, unless the entire stake has been covered), but this cannot exceed the total amount of gil in the stake.
  • Once all bets have been placed, the banker rolls his dice three times.
  • The total score of all three rolls can equal either an 'Automatic Loss', an 'Automatic Win', or a 'Mute Roll'.
  • Automatic Loss = any roll total between 0-400. This equals the banker losing all bets in the round, even if other players haven't rolled yet.
  • Automatic Win = any roll total above 2200. This means the banker wins all bets, and this sum is added to the stake for the next round. Should the banker win the final round, he wins all bets. If a player wins a round, he/she will be the banker for the next round.
  • Mute Roll = any roll total between 400-2200. This means that starting again at the banker's left and going clockwise, players have the chance to roll three times each. The same boundaries apply for all players and the banker.
  • Should a player receive an automatic loss, they lose the opportunity of rolling again in the round, if no other players attain an Automatic Win and win all bets. The rolling phase will continue until someone wins (this includes the banker).
  • The game will last up to 4 rounds.






[align=center]If you have any questions or would like to know more feel free to contact me via PM. You can also get in touch with me via tumblr on http://museofeld.tumblr.com/ or in game. I'm usually around as Priam Silvius, so throw me a /Tell if you see me.[/align]


[align=center]I look forward to seeing you on the 31st![/align]



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Thank you all for for attending, we hope you had a good time! Special thanks to the folks at Astra and a few other helping hands who took part.


Congratulations to the very first winner of the poetry competition and thus your first Herald of Song:


Savo Kesslivang!




Despite what is said about this being a fortnightly event, we will hold off on that and make an announcement as to when the next one will be held, later on.

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