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Odd Jobs: New Free Company/Linkshell/Discord Server!

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Do you love comedy? Do you love RP? Do you love Gintama? Then perhaps you should join Odd Jobs [OJ-RP]!


What I aim to do with this free company of mine, is to make it some sort of assistance to other FCs and events. We are odd jobs here, so like say, if you need some more security or performers, perhaps you can give us a call and if we have a performer in our FC or linkshell, we can send them over, hopefully for a price haha. You may see of us as mercenaries since we'd be doing it for gil that we need, but it's more accurate just to call us handymen, jacks-of-all-trades, or odd jobs.


We accept most jobs from rescuing kitties, serving as security or doing special acts for performances! We can also do things like fights after some discussion and more story-driven things!


In addition to the stuff above, we will have our own FC plotline that correlates with the odd jobs we get. We would love to have other FCs/groups as allies or villains! Just give us a call!


I do wanna find a way for you guys to send job requests for us to do, perhaps we could set up like an alliance or something, like you can hire us to be assistance for you RP event, be it a casual gathering or like a hardcore battle. The latter is a case-by-case thing though. Discussion will be done first.


Also for those who would want to join the Free Company and/or Linkshell, I would rather have it be small for now to make it easier for me to manage, and you have to send a "job request" for an IC introduction to the FC, followed by an RP event of fulfilling said job request. It does not need to be from your character joining, but it needs to be something that we can enter and work on.


We also have a Discord server for communication outside the game, so it's for the best that all members, current and prospective, get Discord so we can chat consistently with each other!


I'll add more as people ask and reply. Hope you're all interested!

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I am really hoping for myself that this concept is a success. What I'm hoping for is the chance to RP with all of you Free Companies and Linkshells, making a lot of friends and joining in your FCs' unique storylines, even if it's only brief, while allowing you guys, in turn, to join my FC's storyline. I think it would be accurate to call my concept: "A hub for all the RP FC stories to gather, and blend into what we roleplay Eorzea to be." All our characters, our stories, intertwining into each other like a big collaboration. Perhaps this may sound too deep, but to me, it feels like a great way for the community here on Balmung to join together for one common purpose: role-playing one epic, amazing story.

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What I am currently looking for in the free company, is someone who can be the "straight man". Basically, if you know Gintama, then we're looking for a Shinpachi. Pointing out mistakes that are made by the others, what idiotic things that may be happening, etc. If you think you can do it, or if you have a character like that who may be willing to join the FC, PST to Nicholas Holt or message me here on RPC, and I will give out more details!

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