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Xaela looking to do Xaela/Tribal things!

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Hi! From my intro post:


"My character is of the Dotharl tribe and came from the customs of slaughtering his kin, cannibalizing them with food was scarce, the organised hunting of both Au Ra and food alike and warring battles within the tribe itself........ to Eorzea. He came alone to Ishgard when he came upon a realization (said realization came from a journalist who was wishing to document the tribes and, instead, found themselves coming across the worst tribe they could have) that there was a better life awaiting him further away. Deciding to sneak out and abandon his homeland, he arrived in war torn Ishgard amongst the knights fighting against Nidhogg's brood and took up arms to do what he did best; fight."



I'm looking to do tribal things because sometimes Eorzea can be stressful and going back to your roots might be good for stress relief IC. :P Such activities would include;


> Hunting and Prey stalking

> Campfires and feasting in the middle of nowhere

> Sparring / War-dancing

> For the Auri tribes that sing; group singing!

> Harvesting and gathering for the non-meat eaters

> Anything tribal / cultural really!


I don't think theres a linkshell for this sort of thing but I think it would be really interesting to almost make an Eorzean tribe of Au ra that were all from different tribes at home finding their new lives here. So if theres any interest about this sort of thing... let me know! :thumbsup:

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