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Looking for a free paladin for plotline

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Hi and if you are reading this now thank you for taking a look.


So pretty much my character Seia has just lost someone very important a friend that she held quite dear. The death of her friend has prompted he to take a step back and look back into her void hunting technique and just the ways she could have fought and how she could have made things end differently.


As a result she has come to the conclusion that her void hunting technique has grown dull and that it might be wise for her to find a scale that will allow her to fight, while keeping others out of risk and even defending them. 


After reading a book on the paladins and the way that there skills allowed them to fell ogres and use there magic to subdue ashkin as well as protect people they hold dear. She found it time to seek out a free paladin in order to learn the skill and apply them. 



So pretty much what I am really asking for is a paladin that is preferably free. As Seia has no interested in really joining the sultansworn. However if a sultansworn paladin was willing to train her and not try to induct her into the order. That would also work as well.


So pretty much I am really just kinda looking for a paladin teacher for this story arc and would be really interested in anyone willing. 


You can contact me in game @Seia Sohana on blamung or just reply or pm. All are honestly fine with me!

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