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Accepting Recruitment for United Hydaelyn Church Link Shell!

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After much pouring, researching and feedback, I am now ready to start accepting people for roles in the interfaith Hydaelyn Church Link Shell! If you are interested, pm Sizha'to N'az in game or leave a reply here. All peoples of interest will be met ICly for an interview on the spot or at a later time. Once the positions have been sufficiently filled, preparations will be made for the first event!


[align=center]Bishops and a Priest needed the most! [/align]





[align=center]The United Hydaelyn Church [/align]






[align=center]Legend [/align]

[align=center]“+”= Multiple positions available [/align]

[align=center](0)= number of positions available[/align]


[align=center]The first interfaith church in Hydaelyn, seeking to unite the faithful in peace and knowledge![/align]

[align=center] [/align]

[align=center][The United Hydaelyn Church is seeking able bodied members willing to assist in ceremonies, protecting the citizens and spreading the word of peace. We welcome all gods and walks of faith.][/align]


[align=center]Roles within the clergy:[/align]

[align=center][HighPriest (Position taken)]: church overseer and creator of events,sermons and orders to be given to any of the other ranks. The High Priest’s authority is the strongest but still needs the work of every clergy member to run properly. Advice and suggestions/inspiration can be passed through the Cardinals and then to the High Priest to have a meeting on the matter.[/align]


[align=center][Cardinals(Positions Taken)]: advisers to the leader, the left and the right hand.Should the High Priest need to step down for a time, the Cardinals have the power to appoint another that they deem fit. They will also keep an eye on troubles that may arise out in the land and work closely with the Missionaries for knowledge. The Cardinals must know how to read and write ICly and be devout to any god of their choosing.[/align]



(1)]: the speakers alongside the High Priest during sermons, the Bishops will be routinely sent out to various cities. This will be done during church ordained events to spread the word and each time they will have a guard (or two) with them. The Bishops are also teachers to students who wish to learn how to read/write. Must be able to read and write ICly.[/align]


[align=center][Priest(+)]: leads ceremonies and rituals, bestows blessings upon congregation. These Priests also serve as the church’s healers and may be dispatched upon request.[/align]


[align=center][Deacons(+)]: assistants and aspirants to a Priest to become a Priest or Bishop. They will help preform ceremonies and rituals and will be taught at the church to read/write if they don’t already have knowledge. This will be an immersive study.[/align]


[align=center][Missionary(+)]: eyes,ears and shield of the church, the Missionary is its most readily recognizable member. They use faith based skills in combat when required and offer services of protection to those who need it. When not employed by someone, Missionaries are tasked with reporting disturbances they may come across that would be of interest to the church such as criminals, dangerous creatures, injured persons, dead and or dying (if they wish to receive help). These people will periodically be given missions by the church to assist the congregation or strengthen the Missionary’s faith. One must be open but not forget history to help expand the future![/align]


[align=center][Translator(1)]: those who help spread the church’s message beyond the native Eorzean tongue. As there are refugees from Othard, we welcome their people to our church with opens arms to share their culture with us! We seek Doman translators. Such translators may also be teachers if they wish to educate others in the language and culture of Doma. –Note: Only lore accepted languages will picked up for translating and teaching.-[/align]



[align=center]OOC Information:[/align]

-A compendium of deity related lore links will be provided if requested. Research is ongoing and supported!-


[This is an LS! "Link Shell"]

[align=center] [/align]

[The events, sermons and classes will be scripted, with the events and sermons the most heavily scripted. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a hand in it! Any and all suggestions/questions can be sent to Sizha’to in game or left in the Hydaelyn Church discussion forum located here: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=16799. Pauses during the sermons do happen for room to emote, ask questions and interact.]


[Regular attendance is not required and events/sermons will be given in est time. However, they will be given again on a different day and time for those who are pst or later to try to accommodate them. Alternatively, classes can be scheduled with the Bishop or High Priest for lessons to be caught up.]


[All classes offered by the church are free of charge and open to the public.]

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