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Hello everyone!


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Hey everyone! I'm kinda new to FFXIV, only been playing for less than a year, and very new to roleplay. Just thought I'd try to find some like minded people here. I'm on the balmung server and main a Miqo'te. As for the questions/template:


--MMORPG background

World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Tera, and a little of Elder Scrolls Online.

--RP experience

Very little, mainly one on one roleplay with people I already know.


--Character ideas/info

There's always the slightly generic Miqo'te backstory of "after the great calamity my tribe was...." Sure, I have my own spin on that, but I'm working on making something more unique.


--How did you learn about the coalition?

By searching google about roleplaying for ffxiv


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

light to medium. 

--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

I like music, exercise, martial arts, horror and comedy movies, gaming, and learning.

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