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I'm totally new, advice welcome!

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The biggest RP server right now is Balmung. It's big to the point that making new characters on it is, unfortunately, nigh-on impossible. The main "workaround" for that is to transfer characters from one server to another. However, there are other servers like Gilgamesh who also had RP going on - though to differing degrees.


The Linkshell and Free Company tabs should have a decent list of groups to look into to find folks to RP with, and it's organized by server! So, if you don't want to try to squeeze into Balmung, you might still find a nice group to play with through that. :thumbsup:

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Hello there, welcome! :D If you do decide to do the server change route, I recommend using the time before you get a server change to start leveling your character, learn a bit about the game's lore, and start getting some ideas for how to build your character so you can be prepared to jump into role-play once you make it to Balmung!

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Balmung is home to the largest RP community in FF14 and we seem to have a lot going on all the time. However, I admit that I don't really know much about the other Worlds that have a RP scene - I started on Balmung at ARRs launch and I haven't played more than a few hours on any other World.


Hopefully you'll find good people to RP with no matter where you eventually end up. FF14 is pretty great for RP and the community (RP or not) is generally outstanding compared to other MMORPGs out there, so I'm sure that you will.


Have fun and best of luck!

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