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Hey hi hello there everyone! You can call me Robro, and goodness where do I even begin here......


Well, firstly, I guess I should say that I'm not entirely new to the Final Fantasy MMO experience, although I am new to FFXIV. I've been playing FFXI for about 4 years now, and I've always really wanted to get into MMO RP. I was super excited to give it a try when I first logged onto FFXI, but was disappointed when I discovered that next to no one still RP'd on there by the time I finally came around


That's why I am super excited about FFXIV ARR! The fact that it already has such a strong looking RP community has me feeling super hopeful and also really excited. I'm really looking forward to developing my character, meeting new bros, and experiencing everything Eorzea has to offer GOSH THIS GAME LOOKS SO PRETTY it's going to be so awesome to explore in!


I may be asking a few questions here and there regarding lore when I start writing up my character page, is that an okay thing to do? Or is there an FAQ or a specific thread I should be looking at that already handles a lot of lore related questions? Thanks in advance, and I look forward to getting to know you guys better! c:

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Hello and welcome! Be sure to go sign up for beta if you haven't already!


Most of the Q&A's are over at the RP Discussion board, with the most active thread currently being this one. You are more than welcome to just ask questions on that thread if it doesn't answer them or create your own. We LOVE questions and will do our best to answer them! You'll have to forgive us though, during XIV's 1.0 life SE held a lot of lore hostage from us, so we don't have as an extensive knowledge as we'd like. Do note that it is different from XI, especially the racial lore. :) Some additional info useful when creating your character can be found on the wiki (which is heavily under construction at the moment!).

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Welcome to the RPC! Always delighted to see new people! Not to mention their faces! xD


Anyway, please don't be shy on asking questions! Most of us, if not all, would be more than happy to answer them to the best of our ability. For a brief overview of what's happened leading up to the launch of ARR, check this little tid-bit out: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/misc.php?page=story


Also, keep an eye on this thread here: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=1504


Our very own Merri is working on compiling all the cut scenes from the previous version of the game into one, long movie. So keep that in mind. For more information about the game and it's lore right now, check this out: http://www.eorzeapedia.com/wiki/Lore


Again, welcome and hope to see you in game!

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Thank you for the warm welcome and for the many helpful links! I'll be sure to study every bit of lore and watch every CS I can scrape up to try and get up to date before the launch (or beta, if I'm lucky enough to get an invite).


I do have a bit of a newbie question that hasn't been answered anywhere on the links you guys posted here yet (as far as I can see, anyway). How do I create a character page on the wiki? Do I need to get permission from someone, or do I need to create another account somewhere? I tried to create a page earlier today so I can get some basic info posted, but all it said was that my password was wrong (so I can't log in) or that I can't create an account because I'm not an admin (when I clicked the "Create Account" button next to log in on the wiki). Sorry if the answer is obvious, I'm pretty new at wiki related stuff.

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Hello and welcome,


I can assure you that the community won't scoff at you for asking 'silly' questions. More often than not, people get excited on their first post and I believe everyone around here is more than willing to assist with informing new arrivals.


(So much so that I think they may have a battle arena going in the background of who gets to help, winner takes all).


As such, don't be afraid to ask silly questions. We all know that while some people are seasoned veterans, others are completely new to the experience. :D

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