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Hey Everyone,


I was looking for some assistance with fleshing out more detail in the story of my character Grimm Black. I have already created a wiki page for him but i need help making sure i keep to lore and enhance his storyline by going into deeper detail. What I am currently looking for is idea assistance and nitpicking what already exists. Please let me know any ideas you may have that would make Grimm a more interesting character or fix any problems he currently has.


A few extra notes not mentioned in the wiki.

1) He has an exceptionally large concentration of Aether in his body. As such he is driven to having split personalities in order to "Mask" this madness. He has to constantly vent his Aether to keep his sanity but he has developed a sort of addiction to having it. Just as well he cannot tap into a sizable portion of this pool but someone else may be able to.


2) He is a gifted at materializing aether, which has blessed him with a innate talent for being a summoner but this was not noticed until later in his training. Before practicing with this gift he was trained as a gladiator.


Please let me know your thoughts and if you need any information that is labeled as Unknown or something i may have missed please PM me as i do not want to give out to many hidden details outloud.


Link to Wiki: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Grimm_Black

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Sounds interesting! Never really heard of something like this before :)


It doesn't sound unreasonable in terms of lore since aether tends to be a fairly flexible subject in how one reacts to it. Does he want to learn how to better manipulate the concentration he already has or...?

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If you mean "summoner" like "summons egis of primals", then your character has to have been present at the defeat of the primal in question in order to summon that egi. For this reason, being able to summon more than one type of egi is probably kind of rare.


I say so because I don't know if you intended to include such a thing in your character's backstory, or if you just thought it would be a good way of him venting his excess aether. In that second case, I'd recommend Carbuncle - maybe a custom geometry specifically intended to siphon off extra aether from the target (your character)?


If you did intend for him to have defeated Ifrit/Titan/Garuda in the past, then carry on!

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