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Grizzly Refugee Murders, Blades completely stumped.

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Several refugee corpses have been discovered over the past few suns. Most of which have been brutalized beyond recognition. Officials are at a loss at finding a culprit. Thaumaturge morticians have reported that the killer is precise in their injuries rather than what authorities would originally say was a hells guard with an axe. Several refugees have protested against law enforcement, saying not enough is being done to find the culprit. We spoke to one of the refuges who stated, that they were being ignored due to the fact they are not members of the upper class, and that if it had been a rich lalafell noble that the entire city would be on a man hunt. Several have speculated that it must be members of the Thaumaturge or alchemist guilds, using the bodies for their experiments.


Several have demanded that more security be placed around the streets. Though one official said that with the threats of Garleans and beastmen there just isn't the resources to cover every street.


One investigator stated that despite the lack of results citizens should rest assured that theven culprit would not be on the streets very much longer.

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Glancing over the contents, Xelra gave a snort. What else was new? The Blades were always a conglomerate of shady shitrags who preferred making a few extra gil over doing their job. Then when something of substance comes along? They're useless. Utterly useless.


She tossed the article to the other side of the table and pinched the bridge of her nose. While it certainly didn't concern her, it still made her rather grouchy all the same. While the upper class didn't have many dealings with the refugees, the mid and lower classes were going to be paying more attention.


Which made her job even harder then it was before. Hn.


Pushing off from the table with her hands shoving into her pockets, the grumpqo'te quietly muttered under her breath before pushing past the early sun throng of adventurers about to start their day.

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