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Pirate Crew (Balmung)

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My partner and I are starting an rp pirate crew in game, and are recruiting new members! The ship is named The Old Coeurl, an old but experienced vessel that hunts down Garlean merchant ships and steals their cargo and scuttles their ships.


We have started out very small, but our members consist of:


Mormegil "Gil" Fea'noro (Captain)

Asunasari "Asuna" Volsani (First Mate)

Millicent Storm (Gunner)

Mikha (Able Bodied Sailor)


We are in need of filling in some high ranking jobs:



Sailing Master



Master Gunner


Some other more common jobs we are looking for:



Able Bodied Sailors/Mauraders


If you want to find out more about these jobs, here is a great link:



Feel free to respond here, or /tell me in game (Asunasari Volsani)

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While I can't join your crew, I might be able to steer you into the direction of finding likeminded people!


I have a linkshell dedicated to any and all Vylbrand related roleplay, so that definitely includes pirates. The channel is primarily used to easily connect with other roleplayers and to drop announcements for events across La Noscea. If you are interested you can give it a quick look.


Knights & Pirates LS

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