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Public event: Mystul's Mysterious Mushrooms

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An IC bulletin is posted in various places around the main cities...



Hear ye, hear ye! 



The Wardens of the Haven have caught word of the irresponsible acts of one Mystul the Mycolomancer, whose deeds in the North Shroud have spread the spores of a mysterious mushroom throughout the Peacegarden. We hereby call upon the aid of all to located and rid the area of these funky fungi before they can spread.



More information will be provided upon arrival. 



The date and time of the gathering is scrawled beneath the rest of the message.


The OOC:


This event begins this Friday, August 12th at 6pm Pacific time (UTC-7) and continues into the evening as long as attendees want to stick around and RP.


What exactly does the event entail? Participants will be given a description of the mysterious mushroom and tasked with scouring the Peacegarden area of the North Shroud in search of it. It's up to each participant to decide when and where they happen to locate some of the mushrooms, but it's safe to say there'll be small clusters of them scattered here and there, so everyone should be able to find a few if they want their character to find any. 


As for what happens then... that's up to you! The mushrooms can't just be crushed and thrown out, or they'd only grow into more mushrooms. A collection bin will be handy for the mushrooms to be put into, if your character just wants to dispose of them. However, they're edible and non-toxic, so it's also possible your character might simply choose to eat them... but the very reason the Wardens of the Haven have organized the event is because of the unusual, unpredictable effects that can happen when these mushrooms get eaten even by wildlife. Characters won't be stopped from eating them, but should do so at their own risk. 


The result of eating one of the mushrooms will be determined by the event hosts using a random chart. If you choose to eat a mushroom, please play along with your result. The effects aren't permanent, though they will certainly persist through the end of the event, so no cheating by having it "wear off quickly". :P


In addition to the mushroom hunt, the setting will have grilled food and boozey beverages for the attendees, and serves as a catalyst for future events themed around the deeds of the misanthropic Mystul. Who exactly is Mystul? Just a made-up NPC troublemaker, and, naturally, Eorzea's premier Mycolomancer (that'd be a mage who focuses on mushrooms, haha). 


Questions, comments, etc? :D

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Easily done!


Out there on the internets somewhere, there's this really fun chart of 10,000 random "wild magic" effects. I've used it in tabletop gaming before, I have a printed copy of it in a 3-ring binder. Some of the possible results are a little... serious... and so if somebody happens to get something like, I dunno, lethal, then I'd just have them reroll. With the random system in-game being 1-1000, I'll have them roll twice and the second roll I only use the one's digit. So if their results were 361 and 974, I'd ignore the 97, and they rolled 3614. 


I can try to find a link to it and I'll edit it into this post when I do. :)

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