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I know many legionaires have either been recalled back to the Empire after after the change in political power, and even some who once served have all but completely absorbed themselves into the Eorzean populace.  


But I know your out there--  


Once touched by the Empires fire yours forever changed-- wiether you have accepted its powerful warmth,  been frightened by it's majesty or burned by it's fury.  And I am looking for you!


Seeking fellow Garlean troops past, present and future to unite in these lonely and troubling times.  If you are one of these people I want to be your friend.  :angel: {especially with all these rumors about a large scale Ala Mihgan uprising coming :x. They best watch out or It'll be burned to the ground like Doma}


Or if your on the opposite end of the spectrum, I'd not being an antagonist for you as well 8-)


I'm on quite a bit, feel free to hit me up in-game via /tell or walk up anytime!  

     Ilithyia Aureus - Balmung

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Hello there!  One of my alts, Glace Silencieuse, is an Imperial operative, there are quite a few of us around actually.  Active FCs right off the top of my head are Ceruleum Skies and Vth Legion.  The former is a blended group of Imperials and Eorzeans working together, and Vth Legion, as far as I know, is all or mostly Imperial-aligned. 


There's also Regnum Garlemald, though I don't see them often.  A few other individuals are scattered around in various other groups.


If you're looking specifically for Imperial-aligned contacts, though, look for folks with the VL-RP tag, they'll be from Vth Legion and they're all pretty cool.  You can sometimes find them in Ul'dah.

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Hello there!


If you are still looking for connections, I'm playing an alt linked to the Empire named Meifeng (if you want to avoid spoilers don't read Mei' wiki infos, + it's still wip as I'm digging into lore).


She only answers to the orders of a Centurion using her as an assassin/spy for the Empire but could be "borrowed" or forced to work with troopers for a specific mission. Up to you if you want to talk about it and see if Mei' can support your plots.


Don't hesitate to send a MP or contact me IG on "La Pacificatrice" :thumbsup:

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