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Hi, Im Simon. I'm new here and looking to find friends. I've been in Eorzea for a few days and decided i wanted to try rp. Used to spend my free time playing d&d back in 2nd edition and 3.0/3.5 days. One thing though. I notice gilgamesh and bahlmung are the number one server for rp, but both are always cosed to new characters and i cant afford a transfer right now. Is there any other decent rp servers for new characrers? Thanks for droping by. Hope to see you in game.


P.S. I apologize if this post is semi incoherent. Lack of sleep makes me ramble.

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Sadly, if you're looking for a thriving and active RP community, you would eventually have to transfer into Balmung, with Gilgamesh behind it (though everyone just tries to transfer to Balmung, even Gilgamesh players). Other servers outside these two are very fragmented with a few RPers at most. Maybe an FC or two.


However, if transfering ever becomes a possibility in the near future, remember that you can actually transfer multiple characters that are on the same server to another for the price of 1. So all your characters have to be on ,Cactuar for example, you can make up to 8 characters on that server, then transfer them all over to Balmung for future use.

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