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Sentinel Ordo Silvae «SOS»

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"Where'd you wake up yesterday? Where'll you wake up tomorrow? I've seen so many meager faces lookin' up from dusty alleys, the grime on their cheeks n' brows so thick y'can hardly see skin."


Sentinel Ordo Silvae


"Yet in their wide eyes there was always the light of hope - the dream that one day their lot might be better, stridin' proud down the street. I remember those eyes. They were my eyes, too."



          Sentinel Ordo Silvae is a roleplaying free company on Balmung server. As players, our goal is to provide adventures and a setting for "daily life" between adventures. We prefer abiding by the game's lore as much as possible, with room for reasonable extrapolation when the lore isn't clear. We're welcoming to experienced roleplayers and newcomers alike - we can be eager teachers if someone has the drive to learn. 


          Don't worry if your character doesn't seem like an obvious fit, because as long as the concept of the character is lore-compliant, we'll happily work with you to figure out how your ideas can become a part of the whole.


"I spent a long time fightin' for coin alone. Still take my pay today, too. Nothin' wrong with sellswordin', but you've gotta ask yourself from time to time... does any of it matter? Should it?"


          Thematically, Sentinel Ordo Silvae a mercenary company which functions as an auxiliary of the Order of the Twin Adder to handle problems in the Black Shroud. Although the local militia (Wood Wailers and Gods' Quiver) are adequate to handle most mundane issues, mercenaries like the Sentinels are often relied upon to resolve more complex or unusual dilemmas (as evidenced by the dialogues in the game's quests). As a largely autonomous organization, the Sentinels also undertake private mercenary contract work, provided that the work doesn't undermine their efforts with the Twin Adders or contribute to instability in the region.


"Maybe I'm gettin' old, or goin' soft, but I look back on my life since the days when I had those eyes and I can't help feeling regret. Meaningless, all of it. If I die today, my life meant nothing."


          However, the FC isn't strictly or specifically a military-themed group - there's no regimented system of army-style ranks, for example; our ranks serve only to distinguish at a glance the most likely role a character would take in an adventure scenario. There are company colors, but no uniforms or expectations of wearing the company colors - except during public events, wherein depending on the event it may be requested that characters acting as on-duty staff wear something specific so they can be identified easily by visitors. 


          To put it another way, think of the FC as closer to the A-Team than a group of Navy Seals. Each character has their own life to lead, but we come together to take on jobs and, in between, generally bum around and have a few laughs.


"I spent a few weeks workin' alone recently, letting the gravity of my realization sink in as I decided what to do. Still a sellsword now, but I've been makin' this place my home, and I'm gonna protect it."


          Guests and friends are also welcome to join us on our Discord (https://discord.gg/MQkPp5q), which we use almost exclusively for text (most of us dislike voice chat) as a convenient out-of-game method to coordinate RP time, discuss story or character ideas, and sometimes even as an alternate method for RP if people feel like it. Prospective members are strongly encouraged to make use of our Discord server due to the extent we use it for communication and coordination. Joining it isn't required for FC membership, but you're guaranteed to be left out of things sometimes if you aren't using it.


          If you join our Discord server, please post to our Public Chat channel right away to let us know you've joined and tell us the name of your main character in FF14 so that we know who you are. We'll change your Discord nickname to the main character name that you specify, so that we can easily know who you are when we get to RP with you.


          Want to check us out in-game? Come by our primary venue, Sentinels' Refuge, located in the Lavender Beds, Ward 12, Plot 41 (Southwest Subdivision) during US evening hours and you're bound to run into someone sooner or later just about any night of the week. Or if you're a little shy about just showing up at random, that's alright too - you can always come to one of our public events (advertised here on the RPC) or just leave a message right here and we'll find a way to drag you into some fun with us. 


"But what about you - what legacy will you leave when one day you're gone? What fills your heart and lifts your spirit? Yeah, I've seen eyes like yours before. C'mon. We've got work to do."

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Welcome to the company, Mina Kyunei (belatedly - oops!) and Renoa Moonblade!


If anyone else out there is in search of a small-but-growing free company with a beautiful house and an array of plots underway, come by one of our upcoming public events and meet us, have a look around, and see what you think. We're actively looking for more new friends, so don't be shy!

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