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LF different kind of connections for my dark knight alt

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Hello everyone!


I am currently looking for connections for one of my alt, Aesmir Rougelame. You can read her wikipage here (wip, old chara I was playing on another servor, need some changes lore-wise).


Short version:

> Aesmir is a blind wandering traveller. She grew up in the Brume, became a soldier at a very young age.

> She was casted away from the army when she was cursed and became blind when trying to stop a void mage in his madness.

> She stood for a fallen paladin named Tergan who saved her life, and somehow avoided him to be executed. She became her apprentice and spent 10 years travelling all over the world with him, untill he died protecting doman refugees.

> Just like her master was, she is a dark knight, although this is not something she would openly reveal, hiding the darkness deep within. She's an altruit living only to spread justice in all its forms.


What I am looking for 

Background connections:

* People who knew her master, Tergan Kael. Be it ennemies who wanted him to be executed, old paladins, people he saved or people he met in different circumstances.

* Void or black mages with a taste for aweful horrifying gory experiments. Maybe even the one who cursed her to be forever blind, and literaly butchered her friends in an insane display.

* Ishgardian soldiers she fought with when she was younger (14-17yo, meaning ten years ago). Be it people who despised her because of her lowborn hyur rank, or people who valued her for standing true to her duties in the western highlands.


Other connections:

* People who would offer shelter and food in exchange for any service she could provide. Aesmir is a hard worker and despite being blind she's quite able to do a lot of jobs: fetching food, hunting, doing laundry, giving food to chocobos, be a housemaid, escorting people, defending them if needed... Almost anything is fine with her.

* People who would like to have a dark knight bugging their evil projects.

* People who would need help to protect them.

* Other dark knights or people seeking help to harness their inner darkness.




Importants things you should know:

> I'm playing alts on my only one character on Balmung using the magic of aestheticians/ You can contact me anytime IG on La Pacificatrice.

[align=justify]> I'm

in UTC+2 time-zone and working on week days. Basically, ifyou can't be online before 8 PMEST the only way for me to rp with you would be on week-ends.[/align]

> I'm not an english native, Ican make language mistakes and feel free to inform me if I do : )

> I'm always looking for lore coherency andinformation, do not hesitate to teach me a few things, I'm interested. 

> I'll be away with no internet access untill sunday 08/28.




Thank you for reading!

Feel free to /tell me or PM me to make our characters meet. I'll look forward to it!

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