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Serene Haven Tavern Night - Sept 1st @ 7pm CST

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Wardens of the Haven


The Upper Tavern at Serene Haven

Lavender Beds, Ward 12, Plot 41

Thursday the 1st

7pm CST






Do you like a relaxed atmosphere with seating for large and small parties? Well look no further then than us! We're offering a one night only, no strings attached, night of drinking.


Wardens of the Haven is throwing wide it's doors and welcoming any and all people who wish to come and enjoy a night of good company and even better drinks. Do you want to belt out your newest poem to an [un]appreciative audience? Show off some leg and dance for a bunch of drunk patrons? We have a small stage that is open for anyone to use during the night, just walk on up and show us what you have!


Tired of the song playing? Request away and we'll do our best to fulfill it. Have a hankering for a snack? We can do that too. Want a unique experience and the chance to drink something that might literally change your life? Ask the bartenders for the speacial and pray to the twelve you still remember your name after the first sip!


When the night is over are you too drunk to go home? Wardens of the Haven have several types of rooms available on request.


We hope to see you there!

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