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Interest Check: The Rising Tribute Concert


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I don't think anything like this has been done previously, but whereas The Rising is an annual event intended to honor those lost during the Calamity, would anyone be interested in seeing a bunch of performers get together to do a sort of tribute concert?


Tentatively, it would be Sunday 9/11/16 at 2pm Eastern, if it happens.  This timeslot has worked well in the past for previous monthly events co-hosted by myself and Nathan Telluride, and by Jancis Milburga prior to that, and takes into account the interest and potential participation of EU timezones.


The idea is to invite singers, storytellers, and so forth to pay tribute to those lost during the Battle of Carteneau or elsewhere as a result of the Calamity, be they soldiers, family members, friends, and so forth. 


Participants would also be invited to bring tales of those lost during the Dragonsong War, now that this is also drawing to a close.  For those wishing to do so, however, I would strongly advise to be careful of spoilers. There are still plenty of people who haven't played through Heavensward. 


  • Tributes would be expected to be tasteful, and respectful to those who've passed on.  No standing on stage and swearing, insulting, or cursing at the dead for any reason.

  • Each performance would be no more than 3-5 minutes long to allow time for all performers to shine.

  • Entries may be pre-screened to insure they fit the theme of the event.

As far as other tributes tied to the event, I'm partial to the idea of paper lanterns being released bearing the names of the lost, and any messages meant for them. 


Another possibility takes a cue from Doman tradition, where instead of sending off lanterns, participants would be invited to write names of the lost and messages for them on strips of parchment, and tie them to bamboo branches.


If you're interested in participating as a performer, let me know below.  Once I have 4-6 confirmed I'll feel confident enough to do a full writeup for it.


Confirmed interested performers:

-Odette Saiorse

-Bastien Falicieux

-Andromeda Dulaque

-Leanne Delphium


-Savo Kesslivang

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My Rommie is a cabaret and concert performer and while she has a number of, shall we say, off-color songs I do a rendition of Still by Alanis Morisette called Hydaelyn's Lament that's well-suited to such a concert and has been called a moving performance in the past.

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WYNG is interested in being a performance. WYNG is a new 4 lady songstress group. They fall under pop, but they do perform ballads as well. I think people will find their music to be familiar =).

Nice! I'll add you to the list after I get home this evening.

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