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Returning Player (Sorta)!


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Since I..er..kinda poofed for a little bit and mostly lurk on this forum nowadays, I figured a reintroduction was in order (mostly because I kinda botched my first one when I first joined the RPC a while back @[email protected]; ).







[align=center]A Bit of Background Info.[/align]


My S/O and I have transferred to Balmung from Mateus a little over a year ago, being Mateus kinda didn't have any RP..like, at all. Upon hearing that Balmung is a good source of RP, and being that my S/O and I are both RPers with a bit of experience under our belt, we jumped ship as soon as we could and were both really impressed!


A couple of FCs and character concepts later, we had started up Starfall Trading Co. However, I soon became stupidly busy with stuff IRL, so we closed up shop for a bit. We are working on reopening the FC in the future, though!




[align=center]My Character[/align]




I currently play a Miqo'te merchant named A'mahri Kahz. Recently, the stubborn git had overworked herself and decided it would be a good idea to splurge on Aetheryte travel to the point where she became gravely ill. She's on the road to recovery after being bedridden for a while, though some tasks are still a bit hard for her at the moment!






So..yeah! That's about it. I'm waiting until my next pay to sub back into FFXIV and I wanna try RPing again. I've had a blast for the first year, but thanks to the great and magical social anxiety kicking back in after some IC/OOC mixing drama, it began to die down a ton to the point that it just wasn't fun anymore. I'm working on it, though!

I've only just gathered the courage to dive into the Quicksand, so if you see a sassy Miqo'te wearing red in the future, feel free to walk up!

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