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Raen & Snarky Ishgardian LF Connections

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Hey! It's been awhile since I've done something like this, but my character(s) received a recent revamp and I thought I should look for more connections.




Marigold || Wiki || Journal || Quick writing[/align]


Marigold didn't seem to even exist until recently and she's already making a name for herself.  Once claiming to be a Vigilante and hunting any criminal she could find, she was fairly successful until something changed. No one is really sure what it was that brought the change. More recently, people have noticed her drinking excessively in the Quicksand and keeping to herself.


Although she claims to be a smuggler, she's only known for taking said jobs when she is with Tray'ju. Not only a smuggler, but she is a member of the free company known as The Limitless Reliquary and was a former member Arcadeus.



Aulbiene Daivere || Wiki[/align]



Aulbiene Daiviere is a Duskwight born and raised in Ishgard, but she wasn't one of the lucky ones. During most of her childhood, her family struggled with poverty and had to do anything they could to get by. It wasn't until the Astrologians agreed to take her and her younger brother in and train them. While studying Astrology, Aulbiene also began to research on other offensive magicks. With allies to help her, they experimented with using Aether Crystals as her source and she finds this to give her much more freedom with casting and with special gloves to hold the crystals in place, she also has more freedom of movement.


She fled Ishgard recently and at age 30, this is her first time outside The Gates of Judgement. The reasons as to why she fled are likely unknown to commoners, but for bounty hunters or vigilantes, they know that she is a wanted woman. She doesn't make any efforts to stay out of sight in Eorzea, perhaps its confidence.


Aulbiene is a rather sly and snarky woman, only keeping people close to her if she sees some sort of benefit. Everything she does has a motive behind it. She wears many faces to obtain whatever it is she seeks. She may seem like a caring woman one day, but her true-self may surface the next. She isn't a very trustworthy woman.




With both characters, I'm looking for just about anything. Friends, enemies, contacts. However, with Marigold, I think I'm looking for friends mainly considering she has enough enemies already. ^^;


I like story-driven, combat and one-shot (QS) RP, but I do hope to get quite a few plots going with both characters.


Now a little bit more about myself. I live on the East Coast, a student with a part-time job. This means I'm fairly busy most of the year with the times that I'm in-game varying. USUALLY, during the weekdays, I'll be on at 9:30pm-midnight (unless I don't have to work that day). With that in mind, I am very open to forum RP! I DO NOT have a skype! I hate skype and I use Discord instead. If you want to RP on there, that's fine too, just let me know and I'll give you my discord info!


Can't wait to RP with you guys soon! ^_^

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Hey quick, quick poke in.  GhostlyMaiden is an awesome rper and great person in general. I've rped with her using multiple characters and always enjoyed it. You should  give her a ping if you wanna rp with her.  You'll be glad you did!

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Small update, there isn't a lot of information about Marigold since her situation is a bit complicated to describe. I left links to stories about her which might help you know the character a bit more before deciding to rp.


Still looking for connections. ^_^

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