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[align=center]They have changed banners and names ceaselessly over the years, each as inevitably fleeting as the last. No name is or was particularly memorable and what name was used to refer to the network as a whole, in the times of the Old Guard, was an easy way to tell what faction someone belonged to. Divided, united, the network once burgeoned and and thrived in the various sects of the Eorzean underworld. With no central authority and no one willing to step in to claim the mantle of ‘leader’ – perhaps simply because more people liked having no central authority or rules that they had to obey – it allowed room for all sorts of people to gain access to the network.


Mob bosses.


And thieves.[/align]


EBONGUARD is a lore-compliant criminal network linkshell on Balmung. While oriented toward morally-ambiguous lawbreakers, the linkshell is open for any interested parties to join—after all, picking up the telltale black linkpearls is a simple enough task in and of itself…



Ebonguard is a criminal network LS, but it’s open for characters of all persuasions and alignments to join due to the fact that, well, it’s an actual linkpearl from an in-character standpoint. As a result, there’s no real restrictions on the sorts of characters we’ll accept. Anything that fits within the scope of the lore goes!


This doesn’t mean that every applicant will be accepted into the linkshell, though, since the linkshell itself tends more toward grounded characters with fantastical elements in the background, as opposed to characters who spend every night trying to take over the world or signing a new Void pact.



Ebonguard has over the course of its run, done story-driven events, criminal shenanigans such as heists, and social events geared toward letting members of the network get to know each other.


The Cloak & Dagger is run by the leader of the linkshell and is intended to provide a hub for the linkshell members to meet. It is located at The Goblet Ward 11 Plot 55 and is currently looking for volunteers who are interested in helping to run a tavern event on a roughly-monthly basis on Sundays (as schedules allow). For more information, please see this page!



The leader and owner of the linkshell is Leonnaux Altoix. If they are unavailable, feel free to contact:


  • Edda Vincents
  • Aran Aethersmith
  • Vasir'li Sohlu
  • Gwannes Oskwell



Membership does require an application and a short OOC interview, though many of the questions are marked as optional. Said application is made in Google Forms.



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Hey there; we (or... I) are in the process of planning a little thing for our first "event". It’ll be a meet-and-greet for members and potentially non-members. It will be done somewhere public and isn’t necessarily a formal event so much as a chance to RP together and get to know each other IC better, and the location is still a bit up in the air. 



(We might end up dropping in on some tavern night or another such RP event going on, since nothing explicitly illegal should be happening at this point; more or less it'll be less an LS thing and more a "we are travelling in a pack at the moment" thing.)


The earliest it would probably happen is September 18th, while the latest estimates could push it all the way back into October so that we can have it be themed like something spooky, but the exact details are still being panned out. It basically boils down to whenever is most convenient for the most members.


But the important part is that it's happening, right? Hue. It's important to try and get RP going; we're still pretty small but we're growing and we've got a few interesting characters in our midst!

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We of Ebonguard are going to be blowing some stuff up with ceruleum and firesand at Nophica’s wells on Wednesday, October 5th at 8PM CST(6PM PST/7PM MST/9PM EST).


Why? Because we can, and some men just want to watch the world burn. This escapade is going to be open to the public, of course, but what's the fun if we keep all of the ceruleum tanks and fireworks to ourselves? Like/Follow/Subscribe for more High-Quality, Borderline Pyromanic Content. As a group we've got our quirks but that's what makes us lovable. By some definition probably.


[align=center]Tumblr post features an IC pitch;[/align]

[align=center]will potentially be providing more details as the date approaches! ❤[/align]

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As the leader and currently-only officer of Ebonguard I’d just like to say I’m astonished and proud of how much interest this has garnered, so to those who are members and are following this blog or those who are following this blog and are still on the fence about joining, I offer this:



I highly encourage the use of Ebonguard as an “organization” (which it’s less of an organization and more of a like-minded group of individuals… Lore-wise, there’s no true leader and it’s kind of anarchy so you know!) in plots and other things; plotlines are a nifty way to get everyone up and raring to RP. I’ll leave it up to individuals whether they want to be involved with any specific plotline but using the LS as a device or some-such is definitely encouraged!



I’d also like to note, with some recent applications we’ve received (that were all accepted!): it’s much easier to use the alternative contact methods listed for you if you list your usernames. I can use any Discord names provided to invite you to the Discord if I send a friend request first, but it’s much easier and it keeps my DM list clean and keep my follow-ups professional if I have something like a Tumblr URL or RPC username to contact you with!



And finally, I've started up a search for officers, extended to members of the LS. There's no real base requirement except for being a member and having a desire to help out! Officers will be chosen on October 12 after 3:00 PM CST, so keep an eye out for any new names you can contact to learn about or get an invite into the Linkshell and Discord! (I say as EVERYONE has invitation privileges because no one has abused it and it fits in with the theme/lore of the LS but hey.)

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I went ahead and selected officers early because I needed the extra help; warm welcome to Itara Irispyre, P’ianthe Aliapoh, and Evelyn Koizumi as part of our team! This position has no IC significance whatsoever, but as part of their officerly responsibilities they implicitly consent to be contacted in-game if you have any questions about joining the LS and I’m not available for whatever reason. The decision was made based on the content of their officer applications and how engaged they’ve been with the LS.


The officer team is subject to grow or change at any time, as officers are absolutely free to step down, just as I’m free to dismiss them from their position of responsibility or appoint new ones to join them.


Our event on 10/5 was also just as much of a blast as anticipated; many members of the LS were there along with a few non-members! Lots of fireworks to go around, but we were too spread out so I couldn’t get any good screencaps on my shite graphics settings, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. (I mean, I definitely took screencaps... But they weren't great so I didn't bother putting them through Photoshop.)

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Come in close. Closer. Because the more you think you see...





Kyt’ir Jakkya, Leonnaux Altoix, and P’ianthe Aliapoh, but you didn’t hear it from me.





Kyt’ir Jakkya, Ma'sae Pohju, Lux Lunseer, Etan'a Vaca, Phi Atsuho.




Leonnaux Altoix and Edda Vincents.





The easier it'll be to fool you.


There's lots of funtimes and plots unfolding with our growing community, and even some people trying to strike business deals... Like Nerve, if only Crow would let her. Do Not Trust Nerve. Needless to say that among all the going-ons, there's plenty of fun to be had, from the silly... To the serious. There's quite a bit of RP going on in our Discord's IC channel as well, and the lore book has some of us hypeeed.


This, of course, among our usual OOC shenanigans and some IC snark...




Needless to say, things are shaping up to be a lot of fun.


Also, PSA (I guess!) that The Ebonguard Discord does have a role created expressly for people who want to try it before they buy it! Though LS slots aren't particularly expensive. Any who wanna chat with and get to know the people we have in the LS or talk about characters or, more likely, just talk about memes are welcome to PM me and I'll shoot them an invite to the channel. The only channels that non-members cannot type in is #IC, because of the nature of LS-based interaction.


[align=center]Ebonguard! A darker-themed IC networking LS that's guaranteed to steal your heart!

I have like 10 of these sales pitches.[/align]

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Please look forward to it. The location, date, and time have already been settled on, but some finer details of these business relations still need to be ironed out. Given the nature of Ebonguard and given that we like to plan these things for public spaces, we can't exactly stop anyone from tagging along out of curiosity...


In addition, Ebonguard is seeking venues kind enough to offer the space to us so we can do some shady dealings.

Given the way Ebonguard operates, that is to say as a loose network and a linkshell rather than an organization or a Free Company with any sort of front, you could say that in planning events we lack a little bit of a something-something to work with. Our first official meet-up was held at Nophica’s Wells on 10/5 which was great fun with explosions and the like, and even before that we’ve tried and succeeded to get small gatherings of our members to attend other events to hang out and make merry, but insofar as getting into shadier stuff we don’t really have a dedicated place to do that apart from one-on-one meet-ups.


So here’s a post looking for venues that would welcome our sorry asses from time to time to spice things up with whatever shady shit we could potentially whip up among our members! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


All house rules instated by the venue would be followed at all times (because there would be Hell to pay otherwise on both fronts I’m sure), of course. PM me here if you have something to offer us! After all the details are worked out I’ll let the members know via Discord. Don’t offer up a venue you don’t own, at least without talking to the actual owner about it thank you.


A little structured list of things that should probably be included...


  • What kind of venue is it? i.e.. performance, tavern/bar, cafe.
  • What kind of space does it occupy? (Apartment, Small, Medium, Large, FC Chamber; if an FC chamber, are you authorized to use your FC room for this purpose? If it’s located elsewhere lore-wise and is only where it is because of technical limitations please make note of that too.)
  • To what extend are illicit activities allowed on the premises? (i.e. limited to arranging stuff, or is the actual wholesale selling of crack cocaine permitted? Bad example because we don’t have a whole lot of drug dealers but you know. basically, describe your house rules so that we can follow them.)
  • With whom is the venue affiliated, if anyone (and can you tell us about them)?
  • Is it a public venue?
  • Are other events ever hosted here? Are there different rules during the event than if we were to just drop in on our own time?
  • If it’s both public and features events, does it ever include PC staff, or is it strictly run by NPCs?
  • Under what circumstances would we be allowed to use the venue? (i.e.. only on certain nights, only in small groups as plot demands and not as just a general meet-up place for the LS as a whole, etc)
  • Are there any special stipulations in place? (i.e. 18+ only, miqo’te only, no items, final destination)


Again, if you have a venue we could potentially add to our "venues we have permission to use for our shady shit" list, then PM me! Alternatively, contact me on the Linkshell Tumblr over here.



Now you see me... Now you don't! 'Til next time!

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Our second meet-up has been officially planned, details and all! Well, insofar as things I planned. One of our officers, Itara Irispyre also has an event planned for us -- two! A soft opening for a small speakeasy she created for us, and then the grand opening on November 3rd and 30th respectively. Information on that one over here: link!


Needless to say we have a lot of stuff to do, and if you wanna get a feel for the group before you send in an application, then I can think of no better way than to drop in on one of our meet-ups.


Also, we cleaned up the rules to prevent any nasty misunderstandings; a lot of the rules were redundant so we managed to mish-mash them together until only the best four remained! They're up in the main post, but I'll put them here in spoilers for convenience as well.




[*]Exercise common courtesy. Discussion is fine, disagreement is fine, but blatant antagonism is not. If a conflict looks like it's getting too heated or it's making people uncomfortable, it's easier for all parties to either drop the topic or take a break to cool off. Your freedoms end where others' begin.

[*]Practice proper RP etiquette. Don't metagame, and remember that IC ≠ OOC. Follow house rules of any RP venues. Don't force people into RP scenarios that they are not comfortable with.

[*]Ebonguard as a linkshell is heavily lore-based and lore-compliant. We won't maim you for not knowing a tiny obscure detail about some aspect of the lore or another and we know how to suspend our disbelief, but know that characters who break lore or bend it too far probably won't get accepted.

[*]Officers get the final say in all matters and decisions. Respect them. Officers reserve the right to take whatever action they feel that they need to take in order to preserve the peace, including the deletion of offending posts in the Discord, applying a universal mute to offending members, or a kick or ban (depending on severity) from the Discord and/or LS.



[align=center]Ebonguard! An IC networking LS that might be led by an Actual Crow.[/b][/align]

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We'd love to hear from you! There's always room for more company!


Speaking of company, we have quite a few get-togethers planned for the month of December! Our meet-up on the 18th went swimmingly, with everyone in attendance happy in part because Crow was kind enough to pay for drinks. What a kind man. Unfortunately he is now also a poor man... Well, or at the very least poor enough that he has something to complain about.


Many members of Ebonguard also attended the Black Lotus's Black Market, but I've yet to see any screencaps crop up.


Anyway, on with the main things! First and foremost, one of our officers, Itara Irispyre, has so kindly created a speakeasy for us to use, which is having its grand opening on the 30th! There's some information on it here, but needless to say that Ebonguard certainly knows why the number 7 is so lucky... And a rather interesting cast of characters is already sure to assemble. Personal recommendation: The Choking Crow drink sounds good, and no I'm definitely not saying that because it was named for Ebonguard's illustrious and arrogant "leader." There was a soft opening for it on the 3rd as well that went swimmingly, and even up to recently, there has been some mischief in its halls!


On top of that, we have some rather nebulous events planned for December 8th, December 16th, and December 31st. There's also another event that we're working on, but it depends heavily upon how other things pan out -- needless to say that when the details are sorted, they'll be posted up here, and insofar as the more public events of ours go, I'll certainly start trying to put them on the calender! Stay tuned for fun and games and mischief!

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In an effort to somewhat combat the holiday lull and lent the use of the Artifice of Reason's FC house, Ebonguard took a bit of time to get festive! Happy Starlight, everyone -- though in this case we used it as less a chance to make merry and spread cheer and give gifts than a chance to get together and drink ourselves half to death. Moonshine that Eight brings along is always strong stuff.


Provided good graces, we'll likely make use of the space again for a (more/less/drunker) official Heavensturn meetup! Please look forward to it.

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This Friday, we send off the old year... Probably with a bang, because we're a band of filthy pyromaniacs and what's a party without some fireworks. There will be a raffle and a little contest of talent with might and magic going, but that stuff is members-only. (But hey... Peanut galleries are always welcome. Maybe welcome with the threat of becoming a firework, but welcome nonetheless.)


We're also looking forward to getting some plot lines going among our members, which is obviously a members thing to discuss - but hey, anything for fun pictures and good screencaps! I'd say do it for the Vine, but Vine doesn't exist in Eorzea, and also it got/is getting shut down... Oh, I made myself sad.


[align=center]Event details here![/align]


Also, updated the OP to bring it up to date for the new year, which means we finally have a new little banner at the top and... That's pretty much it. Oh, and I made the thread title allcaps because that's how it's stylized almost everywhere else (fun fact though: the eorzean script that I use for all of our official event flyer things is NOT in all caps... But only because I feel like it looks better cased normally). All of the content is the same pretty much word-for-word, but I split off our list of kind and benevolent officers into its own tab.


At the time of this posting, that kind and benevolent officer team consists of Itara Irispyre, Edda Vincents, and Ma'sae Pohju, (and me) and I'd certainly love to take a moment in this post to give them a shout-out because hey, they're great. Ebonguard is possible because of our officers and members, after all!



(Image taken on Christmas Day; usually around 20 of us are online at peak hours.)[/align]


That's all I have for now; there probably won't be another post until the new year because... Well, there's like a week - no, less - left in 2016. So, see you in 2017, where we still won't guarantee a refund... But, you know, I heard that Black is Back.


(That was a very lame attempt at Please Look Forward To It/Foreshadowing but I'm not sorry.)

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Going into the New Year, some things are actually going to be changing, as per issues that I and my officer team have identified given feedback from some members and a brief moment of retrospection of what the goal and theme of the LS has been meant to be since the beginning. In an effort to steer the LS in a more serious direction, we are going to start planning more serious events going into 2017. While socials are well and good, they get stale quickly, and when that’s all there is. Needless to say, Ebonguard will soon be offering things akin to job opportunities to its members both over the linkshell lines and through clearly-endorsed outside means.


In order to facilitate this, we will be expanding our Officer team in order to include people who want to dedicate some time toward planning events for our LS and collaborating in order to put together a story arc for the LS. These officers will carry the title of ‘Organizer’ (tentatively). There are no qualifications necessary to be an Organizer; even people who have only just joined are welcome to become one so long as they’re willing to step up to the plate and help plan things and get people involved.


(Some concepts that the officer team is already toying with in terms of jobs include: bounties (deserved or no) and heists, but we need more brainpower and hands on deck.)


We are also putting into place some changes regarding our recruitment process. Because Ebonguard is lore-wise not a formal organization, prior to 2017 we had no IC screening. The standard to pass this will likely be somewhat low, but we’re going to start doing something like that for our new recruits -- this can be handled by any member of the LS as long as it’s logged and sent to an officer. In short, applicants must now be played into the LS.


This extra step in our application process is meant to not only make sure that new members of the LS are characters that will mesh well with the LS both in terms of concept and member base, but provide new recruits with a hook into the network in the form of pre-forged connections and perhaps motivation with regards to a job. For people in strange time zones, we’re also open to simply planning out how this happens and leaving the actual RP to be implied or happen at a later date. The invitation for this to be done with people who are already members has also been extended.


Please look forward to it!

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[align=center]This year will mark the fifteenth year since the open of a curious case since gone cold. While an unsavory thought to entertain, there are obviously some elements in the Twelveswood that are better left in the dark: the sort of business carried on by the Redbelly Wasps or the Couerlclaws… Or, in this infamous case, by an organization known as the “Lanner’s Eye.”


The Story So Far[/align]


A plotline in the making since the new year began is finally kicking off, with our first official session having been held tonight. Click the link above for a summary of the story so far, and some nice screenshots I took when my game's textures weren't deciding to bug out! (Odd cropping and bad angles are pretty much exclusively because my game decided that it didn't want to load some textures and made the ground of some parts of the South Shroud flash yellow. And made heads disappear. It was bad.)


As well, recent applicants may have noticed that we’ve been a bit delayed in contacting them about the status of their application. For this, I take it upon myself to apologize!


Life obligations have been kicking each and every one of our officer’s collective asses right now; while I (Crow) attempt to pick up the slack, there’s also quite a bit I’m focused on running outside of recruitment for Ebonguard – such as looking for a job, recruitment for my FC, and of course doing my best to GM the plot event Blackback, which has been in the works since the beginning of the year.


Due to our new procedures in playing applicants into the LS, this means that we haven’t been able to get to everyone yet, though we do our best to welcome everyone into the Discord in a timely manner. But with time zones (we are pretty American) and obligations and occasionally, lack of alternate contact information given, this has gotten difficult. While we aren’t closing applications to the general public, I figured it would be best to let people know.


Thank you for understanding! Any questions can, as always, be directed to our Tumblr, any officer in-game (but preferably Leonnaux Altoix), or here in the RPC thread.

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Ebonguard was not always what it is, so what was it like in the time before? What lead it down this path? How is membership of the network typically granted? What is the purpose of the Ebonguard logo if Ebonguard itself is not an organization in the truest sense of the word?


The Ebonguard lore write-up has been updated, fleshed out, and redecorated, so hopefully it’s more complete now. Of course, complete is subjective, because very little of the history is actually defined – partially because it is something I would like to explore over the course of a story arc. But for now, this is a good starting point.


[align=center]Read on: The Lore of Ebonguard

(It's safe to assume that most if not all of the knowledge outlined

in this document is readily accessible in-character to anyone who knows where to look.)[/align]






The Lucky No.7, a speakeasy owned by one of our officers, Itara Irispyre, is opening for the beginning of its run as a bi-weekly tavern on Thursday, February 9, 2017. it is located at Goblet Ward 11 Plot 39 Room 7. For more opening information, go here. I myself am not in charge of arranging or organizing anything official with the Lucky No.7, so for any questions with regards to that, Itara's your person to ask.


[align=center]Information (Rules, Background) + Drink Menu[/align]

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After a short bit of debriefing and a bit of idle chatter, the four of them happened across their contact: Grackle, a middle-aged Miqo’te with red hair and mismatched eyes of gold who seemed very willing to help them in an effort to make up for some transgressions he perceived in the part of his sister for the rather… Cold reception that had been given to these people who were looking for the Lanner’s Eye’s caches...


The Crow's Call, pt2[/align]




[align=justify]Goblet Ward 4 Subdivision, Apartment 26


It’s been a long while since Ebonguard had a formal meet-up, and a lot has changed since the last one – linkpearls seem a little harder to come by and, increasingly, people come to do business rather than just sit around and chew the fat. But even as busy as the great and illustrious so-called leader of Ebonguard is (though, how much of a leader can he be with a disorganized network full of people who owe him no loyalty?), he can’t put things of such import off forever.


Always the wary one, he opts for neutral ground, where he knows there will be watchful eyes who won’t stop the under-the-table deals from happening… But has faith in to break disputes up before they could get ugly. Given a recent influx of coin, too, he has expressed a willingness to have his Messenger pay for drinks bought by anyone who presents an Ebonguard linkpearl to the bartender… So long as these drinks aren’t top-shelf material.[/align]


[align=center]Event Post[/align]

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[align=center]Recruitment Status: Invitation-only.[/align]


This is a temporary change to allow officers time to breathe, because we have some people that still need to be played in (who now are limited to a month to do so). This is partially because of upcoming changes regarding our recruitment and activity policy!


The application on Google Forms can’t be filled out at this time, but if you want to see about getting into the LS anyway, please contact one of our officers in-game and we can see about working something out. Our officers are:


  • Leonnaux Altoix (me!)
  • Itara Irispyre
  • Edda Vincents
  • Ma’sae Pohju
  • Gwannes Oskwell


We apologize for any inconvenience. You could also send a PM to me on here, or send an ask to our Tumblr at EBONGUARDLS.


In the meantime, we have some stuff going on that outsiders are naturally welcome to attend (as they take place in public places): a little social shindig tomorrow at 8PM CST, and the recurring Lucky #7 speakeasy openings every second and fourth Thursday at 7PM CST..

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[align=center]Recruitment Status: Open.[/align]

We have decided to reopen applications, along with change up our recruitment process a little bit.


Due to a lack of manpower, play-ins are no longer required, however they can be done upon request (because who doesn’t like some good ol’ fashioned RP?) and said play-ins are instead replaced with a short OOC interview, though ‘interview’ is probably not the most fitting term. Before granting access to the linkshell and the Discord, officers will instead strike up a conversation with prospective applicants to further ascertain whether they and their characters are a good fit for the linkshell.


Additionally, several questions have been added to the application; however, many of these along with some questions that were previously required are now considered optional.


One of our officers has also chosen to step down due to personal reasons. Our team is now comprised of:

  • Leonnaux Altoix (yours truly)
  • Edda Vincents
  • Gwannes Oskwell
  • Ma’sae Pohju

Please contact one of the above listed officers in-game or via screaming up into the cold, empty night sky if you have any questions!

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LF both allies and enemies of the network.

Connections thread right this way!


On a semi-related note, I'm looking to get a "main story" sort of series of events started for Ebonguard. This series of events will start off with a story arc concept I've been wanting to take for a spin for a long while now: a heist! Details are still being panned out but where this will take us, nobody knows! Somewhere where we can split the money three ways and sail off into the sunset never to be seen again, I hope. Or becoming a shower of gil coins as we jump off a building somewhere in Ul'dah. Whatever the future may bring, please look forward to it!

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This will mark the beginning of a long-term story arc for Ebonguard. This instance/event/arrangement is a members-only occasion IC, but spectators are welcome! Members do not have to attend this initial meeting to take part in the rest of the story, but there will likely be certain segments later on that will require people to get an IC hook to participate in if they weren’t initially involved.


The time is come to make some plans and plot our schemes! That connections thread I made earlier is open for people who want to jump in on this plot arc too, either as antagonists or allies to Ebonguard in our escapades. What's a good heist without a little suspense?


[align=center]ONWARD AND UPWARD.[/align]


(Ohhh my god look at all my cool fonts guys. I have so many fonts. Take Photoshop away from me before I hurt someone with all my fonts.)

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[align=center]4/28 Update![/align]


... I totally didn't just decide to update today for the sake of the rhyme. (But I am trying to keep the RPC thread here and the Tumblr more current! There's a lot of stuff to do and all -- I'm a bit pinched on time honestly but you know!)


First and foremost, a warm welcome to our newest addition to the officer team, Aran Aethersmith! I'll update the first post there (along with everything else) with this information soon (probably tomorrow...?) with this information but yeah, Aran's enthusiasm especially with regards to heists and willingness to volunteer has earned her a spot in the Blue Name Club, so she'll be helping out with event planning and the like. Look forward to more crime in the future!


Anyway, without further ado, I'll just copy-paste from the Tumblr update post I made this morning!


1) The start of a long-term LS plot is still on May 12 and is still at 8:30PM CST, but if members interested in getting a leg up on it want it to start earlier then I can absolutely do that! (I’m just used to starting events hella late because in the past, later has usually been better. But any time before the 12th barring unforeseen circumstances, I can shift stuff around so it’s more convenient for people!)


2) Ebonguard still wants connections! – and who knows where the LS plot will take us as we delve into 4.0? Ever wanna try your group’s hand at cracking a criminal network wide open? Executive decisions at Ebonguard HQ suggest that this could be your chance! Get it now, while supplies last. I can set up a Discord group for all of us to chat it out (briefly) and if all is well then you’ll actually get full, unadulterated access to the Discord! Well, maybe not full to type, but full to view. You have access to the channels that matter. Allies and adversaries will even have unique name colors, aren’t I benevolent! I haven’t decided what they will be yet but if you wanna be either of those things hey, I’ll let you pick why not. Just not red. That’s my color.




(It’s always my color.)


3) Because of the rules shift when recruitment reopened back in March, any members who were not in the Discord as of today (or who I just... Flat-out didn't know who they were because I didn't have their name on a name-change or alt list and they didn't have an application with the name) were removed from the linkshell. This was surprisingly few people! Going forward, all important information that members need to know will be plunked in the #announcements channel of our Discord. (That's where all the important information for members is anyway, actually, barring our Tumblr and this thread, and that's why Discord is required to join. It's much easier to keep the Discord updated constantly and then update this thread and the Tumblr periodically with big stuff.)


And, as an aside, we have a few people who we have yet to get to with regards to their application and OOC interview. The officers have been a little occupied with RL stuff lately, so we’re sorry for being quiet! (I know I’ve been fixing my sleep schedule, writing for contests to make money so I can actually buy Stormblood, etc) If you’re waiting for something then feel free to poke us via Discord, Tumblr, or RPC – we’ll try to get to things as soon as humanly possible!

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Welcome to the Ebonguard--

Where the rules are made up and the points don't matter![/align]


(Log from 4/30/2017) I should make that a recruitment PF... Anyway hey hi! Not much going on at the moment aside from gearing up for the first part of a longer storyline, kicked off by the planning of a heist on May 12! Allies and adversaries are still a thing we're on the look-out for; in fact I'm going to bump that thread up later today with a few additions! We also got a few new members recently, so a warm welcome to them! It's always nice to have a few fresh faces around.


Who are they? Telling you would defeat the purpose! Members of Ebonguard could be anywhere...





JK, they're Bandaera Hawkins, Sylas Vairemont, and M'ruhna Kaehl! Looking forward to RPing with all of them soon; I've just been a bit busy with other things so I've been slacking off on pursuing RP plot hooks... (ʘᗩʘ’)


Next big update should be after the heist; please look forward to logs, screenshots, and much arguing about who should get the biggest slice of the pie. Apart from in-game events, I'm also planning to do something a little different for interested members and non-members who wanna hop in our Discord during the 48-hour maintenance which should be interesting, so please look forward to it!

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There is no finer motivator than money, and the Ul’dah-based Crow (and a good half of Ebonguard) are no stranger to that fact of life. The promise of it was what drew Greeneyes and Ace to the cave behind Lost Hope to meet with Crow in person for the first time, who quickly laid his cards bare: intel contained in an envelope he carried with him (which he read off and allowed the two of them to verify) indicated that a company known as the White Chocobo Trading Company would soon be coming to port in Vesper Bay, and the goods they meant to peddle in the city totaled two and a half million gil. No petty sum, but this was no petty work.


They plotted and planned – and joked around a bit, granted, and agreed to meet again the following week in order to gather intel as to the more precise details of their target. After all, anything was subject to change at any given time, and it was always better to see things with one’s own eyes and lay the groundwork necessary for a successful operation than to blindly place trust in outsiders…


But the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.


What the future holds for these three of the Ebonguard has yet to be seen…


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Pictured, from left to right:

Aran Aethersmith (Greeneyes), Leonnaux Altoix (Crow), Mikh’a Galanai (Ace)


Logged by Aran Aethersmith: LINK


Particular session highlights:






Interested in getting involved with the Ebonguard Scenario, either as an ally to this band of n’er-do-wells or as a force working to stop their criminal ways? Both members and outsiders more than welcome! Send an ask to our Tumblr or contact me on the RPC via PM and we can work something out! (Posting in this thread is also acceptable. SCENARIO ONE is locked to members-only for the purposes of setting up future plot arcs properly, however. But non-members are more than welcome to come watch!


The date of the next event in the chain is TBD, however in-character it will take place a week from this first meeting regardless (due to continuity and the fact that any potential schedule-fangling is due to OOC reasons). It will be posted on our Tumblr and in Discord once decided!

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A key part of any successful mission is reconnaissance. After all, it pays well to know what you’re getting into before you’re in too deep to get out, and as the White Chocobo Trading Company docked at Vesper Bay, that is precisely what Greeneyes and Leonnaux Altoix (Crow’s messenger) did. The evening air was cool, the breeze coming off the sea salty, and the fickle desert climate gifted them with a brief shower toward the beginning of their endeavors.


They donned their chosen guises – Tamrik Brokenblade and Vaicean Daimetois – after brief discussion and set their sights on the matter at hand.


Unbeknownst to the two of them, they were joined by another member of the Ebonguard who heard of their planned escapades over the linkpearl: Adder. The bookish, quiet sort watched from a distance as they went through the motions, gathering intelligence, submitting their (forged) employment papers, and investigating the crates that had yet to be unloaded from the Company’s ship. Watching for if anything went awry – but luckily, this was simply reconnaissance, and when a company is in the business of hiring sellswords to handle security… Well, they hardly acted out of place.


Two days late on the round-up, oops. Got busy. View this post on our Tumblr!


Pictured: Aran Aethersmith (Greeneyes) and Leonnaux Altoix (Crow, unbeknownst to most).


Logged by Aran Aethersmith: LINK



Interested in getting involved with the Ebonguard Scenario, either as an ally to this band of n’er-do-wells or as a force working to stop their criminal ways? Both members and outsiders more than welcome! Send an ask to our Tumblr or contact me on the RPC via PM and we can work something out! (Posting in this thread is also acceptable. SCENARIO ONE is locked to members-only for the purposes of setting up future plot arcs properly, however. But non-members are more than welcome to come watch!


The next (final) part of SCENARIO ONE will be on June 10, barring any unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances. Any updates to the schedule will be relayed to members of the LS via Discord.

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Now you see me…


The heist was a success. Continuing their facades, Tamrik Brokenblade (Greeneyes) and Vaicean Daimetois (Leonnaux Altoix) returned to work for the White Chocobo Trading Company as they prepared to enter the city of Ul’dah at the Scorpion Crossing in Western Thanalan. The heat of the desert subsided slowly as the sun dipped under the horizon, but without a doubt summer had begun in the southern reaches of the realm. The duo was joined in short order by an unexpected addition: Aodh Dohern (Page).


Assigned to look after chocobos for their work, they were forced to improvise – sleight of hand, after all, was not a viable option when they were not allowed near the goods. After some difficulty getting the bids to trust the team, they wiggled their way into a situation where they could get their hands on some goods… By simply taking the cart with them once they were out of sight of the Crossing.


It was at this point that Aodh revealed that he was one of them – perhaps as a ploy to ensure his safety.


Now you don’t.


After deciding in short order how the goods would be split up, the team went their separate ways: the cut may not have been in cold, hard cash and they may have made off with goods worth only 1,359,000 gil, but for a first effort? It would certainly turn some heads…


Read the Tumblr post here!


Pictured: Noah Kelten (Page, Aodh Dohern); Leonnaux Altoix (Crow, Vaicean Daimetois); Aran Aethersmith (Greeneyes, Tamrik Brokenblade)


Logged by Aran Aethersmith: LINK

(All the props to Aran for logging all of this, seriously, she’s great.)


Particular session highlights:






Interested in getting involved with the Ebonguard Scenario, either as an ally to this band of n’er-do-wells or as a force working to stop their criminal ways? Both members and outsiders more than welcome! Send an ask to our Tumblr or contact me on the RPC via PM and we can work something out! (Posting in this thread is also acceptable). We are also open to being involved in the plot lines and scenarios of others, either as allies or antagonists. Our Discord is available for non-members, and we even have a channel specifically for the purpose of making these arrangements. We ask only that you provide us with a character name, and that whatever we get involved in be lore-compliant.



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