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Rogues of Limsa


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[align=center]These agile fighters pride themselves on their skills with knives and daggers to make quick work of enemies. Lurking in the shadows, adhering to no laws but their own, they punish the wicked, pilfering their ill-gotten gains and delivering them to the downtrodden masses. Thought by many to be mere common criminals, some would say they play an unseen hand in maintaining order in the buccaneer's haven of Limsa Lominsa.

-- Official Game Lore[/align]


This linkshell is an in-character linkshell for characters who are members of the Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss; also known as the Rogues' Guild. It is accompanied by an out of character Discord server which is open more generally to people whose characters work with or might otherwise run plots that involve the Rogues' Guild.


For linkshell invites, please contact:

Rynathan Elurhandir

N'tyaka Zhwan

Aghurlal Qar-akimusun


For Discord invites:

Click here.

• Set your username to something recognisable - most people have theirs set in the following format:

In-game Name | Character's Alias

• Ping @leaders with whether you would like to be listed as a Rogues' Guild member or as an associate or affiliate.

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Currently, we plan to hold physical in-character meetings, at the Sisters building in the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, once a week at the following time:


9pm UTC

(10pm UK)

(5pm Eastern USA)

(2pm Western USA)

*(Relative timezone conversion correct as of 04/09/2016. Subject to change in Daylight Savings. If in doubt, use 9pm UTC as the static time to which you should compare your timezone.)


We had one such meeting this week (3rd September), and plan for another next week (10th September). If attendance stays solid, we'll continue to hold them!


Please note you're more than welcome to hold your own meetings at a different time of day or week! These are just the ones I'm organising.



At the meeting this week we discussed this plot by the Maelstrom Command linkshell, as per this event listing. Several characters decided to investigate parts of what was presented, and agreed to use the linkshell to communicate developments, with a reconvening next week.

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Reiterating our intention to have a second meeting

this Saturday 10th September, 9pm UTC \ 10pm BST \ 5pm EST \ 2pm PST


Same location as last time: inside the Rogues’ Guild.


Characters who weren’t at the last meeting are welcome to attend, but again, must be in-character members of the Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss.


If attendance is solid again, I'll see about making things like a Discord server to stay in touch outside the game and regular weekly meetings, possibly 2x week at different times for different folks on other schedules.


I need to post a proper event listing, but I'm too tired to do it today. x_x

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Within the Dutiful Sisters of the Eidelweiss a fresh note is plastered on the wall: 


"Auntie went on a trip to the Lake and found herself laden with souvenirs. 

She could use a bit of help bringing it back home."



I'm going to hold a mini event for interested Rogues Guild members related to the larger investigation event held by and the Maelstrom Command LS. 



When: Friday, September 9 from 4-6PM EDT (1-3PM PDT, 9-11 PM BST, 10-12 CEST)

Meet: Camp Bronze Lake


There will be some in game RP combat as well as investigation. Any questions, please send a tell to Jordan Kennedy in-game.

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With the success of Saturday's meeting (attendance was less but those who did make it were engaged and enthusiastic), as promised, I've created a Discord server.


Please let me know when you're added to the linkshell if you would also like an invite.


If you're already a member of the linkshell, PM me, either here or in-game, and I'll sort you out.


Updating the OP shortly to reflect this.

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It's Saturday again, which means I'll be trying to make another meeting happen at 10pm BST tonight!


This is pushing quite late for me at the current time, which is part of why... my character doesn't have anything to report this week. Considering saying he's been sick or away on an unexpectedly long series of levequests or something, because I've just been totally wiped out during what's considered normal RP times.


But I'm rather hoping at least one character will have something to say in my stead.


Look forward to seeing yous there!

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This week's physical meeting is tomorrow, 24th September, 9pm UTC!


If you're involved in the bombing plot please remember that there's another event related to the plot, organised by Maelstrom Command, later in the same day, at midnight UTC / 8pm EST. Keep in touch with Maelstrom Command leadership with regards to that.


And another reminder that we have a discord server; please be in touch with me if you would like an invite to it!


Thank you!

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Meeting went very well yesterday; we had our highest attendance yet and at least one new addition to the linkshell!


Plus this announcement:


Regarding the Illegal Magitek Trade plot collaborated with Maelstrom Command «FLEET»


Word from «FLEET» leadership is that this plot WILL be continuing, but it shall be after a short break of a few weeks real-time.


Feel free to do smaller events as dictated ICly, but no major discoveries should arise from these events, and any research or creation of related devices should be surreptitiously delayed until the plot resumes OOCly. Any discoveries should be saved until «FLEET» leadership gives the go-ahead, which is currently estimated to be some time in mid to late October.


Furthermore, we have confirmation from «FLEET» leadership that they are fully intending to involve us in their coming plot on said illegal magitek trade, so please look forward to it!


If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Ojene Suinuet!

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Please check the event thread for news regarding occurrences at the weekly meetings to come!


Most importantly, I'm looking for a stand-in organiser for the meetings on 1st and 8th October. Details can be found in the post I linked, or in the #announcements channel on the Discord server. Hit me up by Discord, PM, or in-game /tell (ign Aghurlal Qar'akimusun) if you're interested.


Speaking of the Discord: We now have an #affiliates-and-guests channel for people who are not Rogues, but who would like to stay in touch or work with our linkshell regularly for plots or other roleplay. If you're someone who would be interested in that, please contact me by PM or in-game /tell (ign Aghurlal Qar'akimusun)!


Thank you!

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Hello, I'm back from holiday and hoping to recover from my illness very soon. This means I should be back in-game for linkshell invites with something resembling regularity, and hopefully weekly meetings should resume this coming Saturday the 15th.


Still looking for input on what plots we should follow until «FLEET» pick up the Magitek trade plot again. Hit me up by in-game tell or via our Discord if you have anything you'd like to do; don't worry if you have no experience running events, I can do all that for you. I just need ideas!

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Our meeting this Saturday just gone went very well. We had a few people bring up some interesting plots, which I'm eternally grateful for - as per usual, if you have any ideas for a plot or somesuch, don't hesitate to bring it up at the meeting (or contact me privately if you want guidance on where to start with running it)!


Fair notice that I will most likely be late to next Saturday 29th, because there's an IRL party I want to go to that finishes just 1 hour beforehand; likewise, I'll probably be missing the event on 19th November because the thing I'm at that night runs til 10pm UTC, but I should be able to continue attending (therefore organising) throughout the rest of November.


This is all about events because there have been no major developments on the other fronts; everything's still as written above. So, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me or one of the other leaders for an in-game invite, or - if you're already a member of the linkshell - to ask me for a Discord invite!

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Hello! At present, I'm considering lowering the frequency of meetings to once every 2 weeks, or once a month, in order to increase the amount of content that's brought up at them. I'm also considering whether or not to move the meetings to account for the end of Daylight Savings.


Shortly there will be a poll for members to vote on this, and I'll take into account the results when making a decision.


This poll will be linked in the Discord and I'll also make a macro to give a human-readable shortlink to it in the actual linkshell on occasion; please keep an eye open for that!

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Unfortunately since I live in GMT and am trying to accommodate primarily for the EST timezone, it's highly unlikely to be more than an hour or two later than its current timeslot (9pm UTC). D: That's the only place the two timezones reasonably overlap; any earlier and EST aren't back from work yet, any later and GMT are headed to bed.


If there were enough numbers (and volunteers!) to run a second meeting at a later timeslot then I don't see why that couldn't be a thing, but I cannot organise it, unfortunately. I'd help you with advertising, but you (or someone else on the same timezone) would have to run it yourselves.

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Still going, BTW! Feel free to /tell me for invites if you're interested!


(I know I have a certain PM pertaining to this linkshell that I need to respond to, too, but I'm taking my time to try and produce a thoughtful response. So sorry for the delay!)


Our meeting schedule is a little more sparse over December due to the holiday season, but I'm intending to make a Rogues-shaped showing at the Bronze Lake open RP tomorrow, and furthermore to run a Rogues-only social this Saturday 17th. Keep an eye on the Discord for details!

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Still around! Still open to being hit up for invites - to linkshell, Discord, or both!


I'm looking in the next few days to start formulating a storyline to run myself for participants in this linkshell, so {Please look forward to it}. I'd appreciate any input from existing members on the kind of things you'd like to see!

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Obligatory monthly "still here, still open for recruitment" message!


To members (current and future): please feel free to bring forth your Rogue-themed storyline ideas in the Discord; it's much easier for us to help run your stuff than it is for us to constantly come up with stuff on our own!


That said, I do have a few idea seeds for the future. Please look forward to it.

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Work has been kicking my tail this week but I'm looking forward to those seeds that you have in your head, Aghur.


I also have an idea for John/Pitch/Scribble...some information that might point to him not bit offically in the Rouge Guild...


I'll post up the idea in Discord tomorrow morning.

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I really really recommend at least registering an account and using the web client (no installation necessary).


It's pretty impossible to hold real-time discussions or make private announcements over a public forum - likewise to make lasting announcements over an in-game linkshell. I will continue to post public linkshell news here, but there will always be stuff that happens in Discord that won't be posted about here, due to the public nature of the thread.

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Still here, still accepting new people!


I'm sincerely hoping to snag an actual Mist plot sometime soon; when that happens, I'll have a far more concrete opportunity to expand what we do and start hosting regular events of my own for you all again.

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