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Carteneau's Final Call


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Reactivation of a node located deep within Azys Lla has occurred and communication across the realm specifically to Garleans has gone out. A call to meet your fellow countrymen as you travel Aldenard either as an outcast and/or with ties still to the Empire. 


Those that do not understand- yell blasphemy, cry out traitorous. Those that do, call it home. Through word of mouth a dispensing station within Thanalan holds link pearls for dissemination.





The purpose of this linkshell is to is to connect and meet with other Garleans, talk about Magitek, Allagan artifacts, and snerk about Eorzea. It’s not easy being superior…  


Allies, friends, those wanting to be subjugated, we take in everyone.


((*This is an in character linkshell with minimal OOC; we're mostly interested in connecting ICly.))





Contact Arabel Khaine, Synerva Devereux, or Graeham Ridgefield  for an invite.



Note: Tongue in cheek tone used above!

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