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Returning to the game after a long break


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Hello there everyone!


Ive played the game on and off for 2 years now. But mostly I have been playing with my ex-coworkers so it has been mostly casual dungeoneering antics.


I have Rp'd a lot before (10+ years, NWN persistant RP world) and I want to give Rp a go in this game as well.


I made a character on Balmung when the game first came out. Then changed servers to play with my coworkers. So I luckily had a Balmung character to log onto and Phantasia the hell out of her to make her suitable for RP ^_^


I have set up a sheet in the player directory here, I have made a wiki page about her as well. Link found in the player Directory under "Sillice Dyneren"


As for me personally, I am quite shy and nervous about meeting others. So its hard for me to get things started by myself.

But I love RP of all kinds and always happy when I can be involved with things.


My timezones can be a bit strange, as I moved to Japan. So I have the UTC+9 thing going on. but.. I play at nights only (7 hours a night) so, that puts me on.. USA times I think? usually server is packed full so that's a good sign ^^


Ok well, long story short. Im shy, nervous, weird online times(maybe) but love to RP, have some good experience under my belt already and looking forward to Rping with you all! o.o''



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