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Welcome to the RPC and FFXIV!


If you're not against putting real money down, choose a random server, create a few characters and then transfer them to whichever server you want for $18.00. And you can move as many of those characters you want for the same price.


Or if you're feeling lucky you can try jumping in rifht as the servers come back up from maintenance. Although you're probably looking at a 10 second window or less. I've known people who've been trying to getvto Balmung for over two minths trying it that way.


If you do decide to transfer, ignore the "Cannot transfer characters to a full server" limitation as it doesn't apply. You'll have nontrivial getting onto whichever server you'd like and its pretty much instant.

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i wouldn't recommend post maintenance anymore. That's literally when all of the bots shove their way in. At this point, it really is down to paying $18 

What I suggest you do is make yourself 8 characters (if you want that many) and transfer them all for the same one time $18. Then once in the server you want, you can play with them and tweak them however you want.

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The note with transfers. The $18 works for all characters you are allowed on your subscription (I think at this point most get the 8 per world one) if you transfer all of them on one world to just Balmung.


So you create 8 new characters on say Coeurl. 72 hours later, all of them are at a point where you can see non-NPC players and chat with real people. Transfer all 8 of them at once to Balmung on a single $18 transaction.


Honestly waiting for maintenance you could probably have beaten the 2.0 Main scenario questline before you actually beat the bots in.

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