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Ala Mhigan Resistance Remembrance - 8th of October - 5PM EST


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“Brothers and sisters, Friends and Allies. Not only is it of importance to remember to look ahead, but we should never forget our friends and family who have died.

Whether it be by the hands of the King of Ruin or Garlemald, all shall be remembered this evening. We will never forget the sacrifices our beloved ones have made for us.

I invite you all to come join us in Little Ala Mhigo, to share song, prayer and tales to honour those we have lost.”


  • What: An evening to remember Ala Mhigans friends and family who have perished by the hands by the King of Ruin, the Garleans or other causes.
  • Who: Anyone who wishes to honour said deceased friends and family. You’re welcome to join the Linkshell, but it is not mandatory. You don’t have to be Ala Mhigan!! Performers, speeches, tales and the like are very much welcomed!
  • When: Saturday, October 8th - 5:00 PM EST.
  • Where: Rhalgr Prayer Stone @ Little Ala Mhigo - Click for Minimap
  • Contact: Avelyn Firestone.

Do you want to hold a speech, song, prayer or tell a tale about someone who has passed? Or perhaps want an invite to the Linkshell, or have something else in mind for the event, or the linkshell? Feel free to seek out Avelyn Firestone ingame, or simply contact us trough the message function of Tumblr!


Also a friendly reminded that we are disallowing Free Company and Linkshell recruitment. Please follow this post about the reason why. Thank you!


~ May Rhalgr Smites Your Foes.

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