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Informal Rogues' Meets - Saturdays, 9pm UTC


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WHERE: Inside the Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss (Rogues’ Guild).

WHEN: Every Saturday at 9pm UTC.




An in-character meeting intended to facilitate Sisters-flavoured RP and plots throughout the week.


You can…


  • bring your own plots!
  • discuss ongoing plots!
  • show up and see what other people have brought!


Please be…


  • respectful of others OOCly!
  • an in-character Sister (or willing & able to lie about being so)!
  • roughly adherent to Rogues’ Guild lore!


Please don’t…


  • metagame others’ plots!
  • bring anything you’re not okay with others joining in with!
  • bring about serious consequences for others’ characters without getting OOC consent first!


There is also an in-character Rogues’ linkshell with an OOC Discord; membership of such is not mandatory to attend the event, but if you enjoy the event, you should consider joining the linkshell too!


P.S. Fury is my character; Sinistrae and Dextrae are also my OC's, but don’t exist in-game.

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This week's meeting is tomorrow, 24th September, 9pm UTC!


If you're involved in the bombing plot please remember that there's another event related to the plot, organised by Maelstrom Command, later in the same day, at midnight UTC. Keep in touch with Maelstrom Command leadership with regards to that.

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Bombing Plot


Please check the linkshell hall thread for additional information regarding the bombing plot, which is now on hiatus for a few weeks.



Additional Plots to be Discussed at Meetings


The hiatus of the bombing plot means I'm very interested to see people bringing their own plots to the table! Feel free to just show up with something, but I also encourage you to discuss things in the Rogues' Discord if you feel you need any guidance or assistance in running the plot you have in mind effectively.



Leader Absence for Meetings 1st October + 8th October


Furthermore, for the next two meetings on 1st October and 8th October, I shall not be present as I am both organising and travelling to/from an irl group meetup. I will be reachable on Discord either side of these days, but the Saturdays themselves will be very hectic for me, so I can't guarantee my presence either in-game or on Discord.


I would like these meetings to still go ahead, however! This means I am looking for volunteers to run these two meetings.


This would mean:

- posting on the RPC event thread (this thread!) on the Friday to confirm that the event is going to happen the next day

- giving 120 minute / 60 minute / 30 minute reminders in the Rogues' Discord and/or the in-game linkshell

- showing up about 30 minutes early to the venue, willing to start RPing, so people know the meeting is still happening

- coordinating with the linkshell leaders about inviting new people who attend to the linkshell, if they want to be invited

- posting to the RPC linkshell thread (here) after the meeting with a brief summary of what was talked about

- taking chat logs and formatting them similarly to previous weeks' chatlogs (accessible via the Rogues' Discord)


If you haven't had an invite to the Discord and would like one, contact me by PM or in-game tell (IGN Aghurlal Qar'akimusun)!


Regardless of whether I manage to find a stand-in organiser, please just show up and have fun roleplaying with each other. The lack of my presence shouldn't preclude the occurrence of the meeting.


As for the cause of Aghurlal's absence: rumour has it he's in bedrest, healing from a nasty gash to his right leg.

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Meetings resuming Saturday 15th October


I am back from holiday and although I was taken with illness in the last few days, I (touch wood) seem to be recovering, so I'm hoping to be able to run the meeting as planned on Saturday 15th October, and every Saturday thereafter.


If you have any ideas for Rogues-orientated plots to bring, please mention them at the meeting! If you're hesitant, uncertain, or need help running subsequent events, please feel free to hit me up any time before then, either in-game /tell, PM, or by Discord. If you have an idea, I can help you sort out the rest.


Daylight Savings Time - Or Not


The end of daylight savings is coming up at the end of the month for the UK, and at the start of next month for USA. For the time being, the meetings will remain at 9pm UTC. UTC as a timezone is not affected by daylight savings. This means the meeting will be at the same objective time, but 1 clock hour different once your daylight savings has expired. I'll update the timezone conversion links Soon™.


We'll take a review on whether we should move the meeting times up/down an hour once everyone has settled into their lack of DST and knows how the "new" time feels like.

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