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A pair of merry adventurers would not mind company.

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Gilgamesh, and feeling kinda lonely among all the Balmung ads, yes. Anyway, me and my sort-of-kind-of friend're considering returning to FFXIV after two months of a break from the game. Our characters are a couple; she's a miqo'te pugilist, native of Ul'dah, enjoying sun, tuna and helping people for money, and I am a highlander paladin (highlander bestlander, rawr) from Gyr Abania, in Eorzea to polish his fighting skills and taste new tobacco mixes. 


We (well, I haven't talked with her abou it yet, but I imagine she'll agree xD) would like to have some role playing company when we play. We enjoy playing the game "normally", or role playing just between the two of us, but it would be nice to at least sometimes have a chance to mingle, to go on a large adventure in company and then spend all the riches we found on ale and wenches (or wenchmen, whatever). Be it a whole Free Company or a bunch of random folks, doesn't matter much. We don't overly care about your character's attitude, as long as they aren't evil. Only thing we dislike, from experience, are cliques. Perso-anally I hate joining a guild and then realizing that I'll always play second fiddle to a Circle that'll never allow me in, or will downright make me not want to join them anyway.

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Unfortunately, the RPC is mainly Balmungolians - or whatever term you want to use for people on Balmung. There's a few Gilgamesh folk, I think, but the main resource I recall for them was... gilgamesh-rp.com or something of the sort. I don't know how active it is, though, since I last heard mention of it quite a few months ago. So, that could explain the silence. :blush:

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