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Well, howdy there, folks!

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Howdy! My name's Matt, call me Ardent or something! I've had FFXIV for a few months now, only recently getting back into it! That being said, I've not done much storyline wise, and I'm planning to get that jazz under my belt here soon!


MMOs have always been a big part of my life, my mother and stepfather met on Everquest, and they went on to teach me and my sister how to not suck at playing World of Warcraft. As of recently, I've been jumping from MMO to MMO to find the one that fits me best, and HOPEFULLY, FFXIV is the one that hooks me again!


Much like MMOs, roleplaying has been in my family from the beginning. My father often held D&D sessions at our house, and once I turned nine, my stepfather began to teach me how to play it. For eleven years now, I've been running and playing D&D for my buddies, and as of about three months ago, I began RPing on World of Warcraft, and ever since, I've loved the idea of using MMOs to do some free form roleplaying!!


The current character I'm thinking of playing is an Ul'Dahn Hyur Thief who has decided that it's far more profitable to work alongside the law, rather than against. He's fidgety, keen-eyed, and not particularly smart.


It's pretty dumb, but I was interested in seeing if there was a solid RP community for this game, so I did a quick google search for FFXIV roleplay! Not as glamorous as some would hope!


I'm currently gonna be light to medium, until I get caught up with everyone else, game wise! Once I cap, I'll be looking to be medium to heavy.


I'm pretty uninteresting, but I did learn how to throw knives decently a long time ago. I'm getting into Warmachine right now (Protectorate of Menoth, what what), and I'm notoriously bad at sleeping!


It's great to be here, and feel free to ask me stuff, lord knows I'm not gonna sleep anyway!

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Hello there Arednt Orsomething! Welcome to the RPC and to the game! :D


While the focus on progression is understandable (and real as hell), don't feel like your character level has to hamstring your involvement with RP. You'll find myriad folks who ignore what level you are. Especially if your character is fun to engage with!


If you manage to make it to Balmung and should you want to engage with a giant woman (A GIANT WOOMAAN), you can give Steel Wolf a poke. I'm usually most active at around 7pm EST approximately, though that can flux depending on several personal factors. Failing that we can RP in forums or via PM directly if you desire.


Hope you have a great time, and feel free to explore all the boards. Hope to see you in-game!

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