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Looking for connections for a Half Keeper, Half Seeker.

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I do not really do this often for others, but I am having the need of wanting to do something useful for a good friend of mine. I'm trying to find a rp partner, for my friend who does not have an account for the website, and unfortunately she has not had the time to do so and use the website. So I have decided to go ahead and make a little thread for her character in her stead, with her permission of course. I will rely any messages or response I get to and from her. I know a few might not be fond of this sorta of thing, but I will give this a try. I shall add that my friend is looking for a number of things, people who her character can hang with and talk to, individuals in which she can train with, contacts, and even romance. Whats more You can find her on the Balmung Server, she is in the EST timezone.


The name of my friends character is Jade Rett, a Miqo'te girl who is half Seeker of the Sun, and half Keeper of the Moon. She has lived out in the Black Shroud with her mother, an inn owner, and several siblings. When she came of age she left her home to carve a path for herself, and see the rest of Eorzea with her own eyes. Jade can be described as somewhat of a mischievous young woman, dating back all the way to her childhood. She had a knack for getting into things she should get into. It can also be said that she rather stubborn as well, not taking kindly to what others tell her she can and can not do, if she sets her minds on something then she will do what she can to achieve it. Having been trained to fight by her older siblings, Jade enjoys training against others in order to better her own fighting prowess. She is also rather playful, taking great joy in teasing others for her own amusement, and getting into trouble. She likes to have a good time, whether it be hanging out in Ul'dah or having one or two drinks, as long as their is fun to be had she does not pass up the opportunity, she would rather enjoy herself to the fullest and deal with any consequence later rather than let it bother her. While Jade loves to enjoy herself, and play around she knows when to be serious. She can have quite the attitude when it comes to people messing with her, or those who she is close with, friends and loved ones, she does not hesitate to speak her mind or put to use what she has been taught. It should be known that she is a rather kind hearted person, especially when it comes to people she is close to,  always willing to open up to those whom she feel she can trust.



If you require anymore information contact Jade Rett ingame.

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