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RPC Renewal Fees

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It's that time of year again~


The RPC renewal fees through our host are about to be due again. I've already paid some of it down myself (the domain name portion), but the RPC largely depends on its membership to sustain it. If you wish to donate to the annual renewal of the site, please submit donations via PayPal to [email protected].


Total balance due: $98.40

Remaining due: $0.00


At present, we are 100% toward our goal.


Goal met in only 24 hours! New record! Thanks to those who contributed!

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Goal achieved (and then some that can go toward next year O.o). Thank you so much to those who contributed. We met the goal in literally about 24 hours, a new record speed for renewals here. I appreciate the donations greatly and I'm sure everyone else here does as well. So thanks again!! :love:

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