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Tumblr Problems

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Hey! So on Tumblr I actually have two blogs, one for my character Relana back on Zalera and then one for Y'zhara on Balmung. Whenever I follow a blog, it says I'm following the blog on Relana, which makes people follow her blog... when I want people to follow my more active one - Zhara's. I've tried figuring out how to delete Relana's blog, I've tried making Zhara's blog the default blog, but I can't seem to do either of those. 


I'd rather keep Relana's blog, because she does have neat stuff on it, but I have no idea if there's a way to make Zhara's blog my account's default blog. 


Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Update: I actually researched on how to fix this problem... apparently there's no real solution. Advice to anyone wanting to make a secondary blog on a tumblr account: Don't do it! If you want to make a new blog, just create a new tumblr account all together, it's not worth it.


Another Update: Yeah... thanks Unnamed Mercenary. I wish I knew that before I made a secondary blog lol.

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