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Sileas Bishop

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[align=center]★ Celestine «CeCe» ★[/align]




Who are we?


Celestine is a business of a collection of different specialists able and willing to be hired for solo or group jobs. Whether it be a bodyguard, escort for goods, a medic, or gathering Intel. We often hire adventurers who are looking for a stable place to work or those who already excel in their crafts.


Our main base of operations is our Inn, located at Shirogane, Ward 5, Plot 43. Every Friday it’s open to the public for drinking, meals, and entertainment. We encourage any with talent to perform!


We have three weekly RP events (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). As well as PvE days that include doing Aquapolis (Thursday) and The Lost Canals of Uznair (Tuesday).

What we do.


Examples of tasks or jobs our FC can complete:

  • Exploration
    Examples include: ruins, uncharted areas, retrieving lost/valuable items, and information gathering.
  • Protection
    Examples include: body guarding, event security, escorts, and missing persons retrieval.
  • Information/Intelligence
    Examples include: resource gathering, persons of interest, and shipment details.
  • Medic/Healing Services
    Examples include: sick/injured, battle aid, healing teachings.
  • Stealth Operations
    Examples include: reconnaissance, target elimination, and undercover work.
  • Crafting/Gathering
    Examples include: requesting of specific items and gathering of specific items.
  • Entertainment
    Examples include: dancers, singers, poets, feats of skill, and adult oriented performances.
  • Hunting
    Examples include: hunt marks and treasure maps.
  • Underground work
    Examples include: anything below the law.


Celestial Matsuri.




We host a weekly public restaurant event out of our house located in Shirogane, Ward 5, Plot 43. We offer a menu with pre-determined drinks as well as the ability to custom order! We also offer meals and an open mic for any daring enough to show what they've got on stage!


Day of the week: Friday.

Time: 9PM-12AM EST.



What are we looking for?


If you are any of the above or something else that you feel might fit in well! We are always looking for a variety of different character types so it’s difficult for anyone to feel left out. We aren’t aiming for an incredibly specific goal other than to further our business, make a profit, and provide work (IC) and have fun (OOC)!


How to join.


On HRP: Contact Sileas Bishop.

In-Game: Send us an application or contact Sileas Bishop, Aurelle Surlainet, Alexois Valeriant, or Romarique Xavalien.

On our website: Send an application!

On Discord: Contact Ocean Man#9455.

On our Tumblr: Send us a message!



[align=center]Recruitment Status: Open[/align]

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We're still recruiting! Looking for those in need of work contracts, wanting expeditions, adventures, and general events! Any kind of characters are welcome! :) Feel free to DM Sileas Bishop or Aibertain Mestonnaux in-game for any inquires! We're a pretty new FC but determined to start weekly RP events soon!

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Some updates!


The FC is now rank 8! Actions are always ongoing.


We've started a plot line that has to do with a relic that's gone missing. There's still plenty of mystery surrounding it. If you'd like to join or know more about it, then feel free to contact anyone in the FC!


Friday's (unless otherwise changed), is our entertainment night! We're looking for more performers or anyone who wants to entertain.

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What sort of level of RP experience do you guys want to see in potential recruits? I like the idea behind your FC and seen the tag around Limsa Lominsa a lot. Are you guys actively recruiting at the moment?


We accept any level of RP experience! :D Even if you've never RPed before or are super new to it! And yes we are always recruiting!

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«CeCe» is hosting a weekly bar night filled with entertainment and drinks this Friday starting at 6PM PST to 10:00PM! We are located at Mist, Ward 12, APT #71!


Anyone is more than welcome to perform as long as your audition is approved. We accept auditions up until the Thursday before the event day by 10PM PST. Depending on the length of your performance you could possibly win Gil prizes!


We are also looking for more entertainers for these nights, as well as more to fill out our IC ranks! The list of ranks is in our forums on our website here

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