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Looking for a 'bad' guy for some Plot RP!

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Hello there everyone... I'm a bit new to this whole Hydaelyn Roleplayers, and my GF said I should give it a shot here. Maybe some people has seen my Roe, 'Steel Bison' around doing... who knows what.


Regardless to the meat of what I was looking for. I was wanting to start some long term plot. I was hoping to find some sort of... I hate using the term 'bad' guy so lets call him... Bison's anti... or counter. I was hoping to find someone who could... possibly get some leverage on Bison and blackmail him to do things... and possibly start a... rivalry almost. Hell... mainly I guess i'm looking for someone who can make Bison's life a living hell every now and then, and in turn Bison could cooperate (against his better judgement) or retaliate depending on how the RP rolls out.


I have nothing set in stone or anything but if anyone is interested hit me up in here or it would be easier to find me in game, "Steel Bison" i'm pretty much... just on all the time. We could come up with ideas together, because RP is a two way street... not just for my enjoyment.


Hell or even a FC would be good as well, like a FC of um... unsavory type characters.

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