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Error code 2002

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It seems to be a general but selective problems. 

Some people (including me) can't log in, or was dc'ed some hours ago and can't look back in. 

They mentioned they had some problems with ISP's a little while ago, so it may be related. 


Seems like the problem isn't just balmung specific either. 

You can follow along in multiple threads on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/new/

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I got in using this below, it didn't take long and there is no paying either because they have a two week free trial. Just use it for FFXIV and turn it off for everything else.




I can confirm this worked for me as well. Though I do begrudge having to use extra software to play a game :|

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It may work but it's not a sure fire solution. I've a few friends how downloaded it and ran it from there and it fixed the issue for roughly half of them. Still, if you already can't login, you've nothing to lose so give it a shot!


So far I've been one of the lucky few to be unaffected with the errors.

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